China issued the province’s key projects of resource conservation and recycling

this year, in accordance with the requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, the province has actively organized the report of energy conservation, recycling economy, comprehensive utilization of 10 key areas of the field, in order to fight for the central grant funds to support. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the issue of resource conservation recycling projects in 2016 central budget investment plan (the second batch) Notice", bundling in our province issued the central subsidy funds 48 million yuan, of which 26 million yuan, the field of energy saving, recycling economy and comprehensive utilization of 22 million yuan.

at present, the provincial development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission timely decomposition of specific projects, and has completed the project preparation work. Through the vigorously promote resource conservation recycling projects, will further promote the upgrading of industrial projects, improve resource efficiency of energy use, contribute to the development of circular economy in our province the construction of the national pilot area. read more

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Huangyuan County the full implementation of the implementation of urban workers maternity insurance

In May 30th, Huangyuan county held urban workers maternity insurance to start work and business training, county agencies, enterprises and institutions and personnel designated medical institutions for more than 110 people who attended the meeting, marking the maternity insurance of town in Huangyuan County started implementation

5 30, Huangyuan county held urban workers maternity insurance to start work and business training, county agencies, enterprises and institutions and personnel designated medical institutions for more than 110 people who attended the meeting, marking the maternity insurance of town in Huangyuan County started implementation. Urban migrant workers maternity insurance system reflects the characteristics of the four aspects of the resume, is a wide range of insurance. insured for all urban employers, including all types of enterprises, state organs, institutions, social organizations, private non enterprise units and employees of individual economic organizations; two is a new management model. and the unified management of medical insurance for urban workers, the implementation of a unified declaration, unified payment, a single collection, respectively, accounting; three is the proportion of payment light. employees do not pay, the employer in accordance with the total wages 0.5%0.9% pay maternity insurance; four is to enjoy the treatment of wide . not only women can enjoy the relevant treatment in accordance with the provisions of the birth period, the male workers have not been able to obtain employment spouse can enjoy the relevant treatment during the birth. The implementation of this system, to protect the basic living and medical needs of workers in the implementation of family planning and family planning, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, so that more than 4000 workers in our county benefit. read more

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Conscription to encourage college students to join the army

On the afternoon of July 2nd, the lecture hall of the Qinghai University, a national defense education curriculum around the current world powers strategic transformation, so that the presence of thousands of college students benefit. It is reported that this year there are some new changes in conscription work, the introduction of the new policy will further encourage more young people join the army to serve the motherland.

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Hao Peng meets with Chinese ambassador to Austria Elena

8 2, governor Hao Peng met with visiting Chinese ambassador to Austria,, and his party in Xining.

Hao Peng welcomed ambassador Elena’s visit to China, and briefly introduced the situation in Qinghai. He said that Qinghai has a vast territory, rich resources, prominent ecological status, is an important ecological security barrier in china. Qinghai has a long history, nationality, culture is bright and colorful, "crossroads of the ancient Silk Road" and "road Tangfangudao", has a unique advantage and strategic position in the "The Belt and Road" construction, a huge potential for development. In recent years, Qinghai depth into the "The Belt and Road" construction, and actively promote the countries along the Silk Road exchanges and economic and trade cooperation, expanding opening up. Hao Peng said that Qinghai and Austria are far apart, but the two sides in the ecological environmental protection, tourism, culture and other aspects have broad prospects for further exchanges and cooperation, hope to ambassador Elena to the green opportunity in promoting local high-level exchanges, enhance exchanges and cooperation in education, culture, trade and other fields, to facilitate the establishment of local the friendly relationship between provinces, Qinghai sincerely welcome more enterprises to develop green Austria, also encouraged me to have the strength enterprise to Austria entrepreneurship. read more

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Luo Huining meets with South Korean ambassador to China Mr Kim Akizhu

On the morning of June 20th, Luo Huining, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, met with the delegation of South Korea’s ambassador to China, Kim Yong Chun, and the delegation of South Korean entrepreneurs. Luo Huining on China ROK Friendship Week activities held in Xining congratulated the success, Kim Akizhu introduced the investment intentions of Korean entrepreneurs. The two sides agreed to seize the "The Belt and Road" construction and the signing of China ROK FTA opportunities in expanding trade and cultural exchanges at the same time, efforts to promote the South Korean enterprises to expand investment in green, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Provincial leaders Wang Yubo, Cheng Lihua, South Korea, South Korea, the United States and the United States, Samsung Group, SK and other 32 well-known entrepreneurs in South Korea to attend the meeting.   read more

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Annual income of 6 digits after 90 micro providers revealed to you the way to get rich

in the age of the Internet era, the change in people’s thinking to turn the world upside down, WeChat is used more frequently and I do not know when the derivative is also taking advantage of the rise, I believe we all have many friends into the micro business force, but can reach an annual income of six digits must be few, let’s look at a 90 micro business is how to do.

“Tracy” this rather Chinese ancient charm 90 girl is the protagonist, she said, at the beginning of the road in business, she was “forced”. Three years ago, Cui Cui graduated from a well-known university, from small to large, good girl, Cui Cui also after graduation to obey the wishes of parents to become a college teacher. Entering the community of more than 2 thousand per month basic salary and subsidy. Plus monthly meals, car, rent, buy clothes and other basic expenses. When co-workers a wedding invitations like “red bomb” handed to her eyes. “Tracy” always have a life under pressure feeling. If you have been holding a meager salary, in the end when you can buy a house to pick up their parents back home…… read more

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How to reach the bottom of the resource based economy

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 14, (reporter Wang Feifei Wang Jinghuai) as a typical resource-based regions, Shanxi in recent years in the development of the crossroads, the coal market downturn, the new economic growth point is pregnant. How resource economy is in supply side reform to break through economic predicament, realize as soon as possible bottoming out?

the most difficult problem lies in the supply side

9, the latest issue of the Bohai power coal price index released, 5500 kcal steam integrated average price closed at 388 yuan / ton, compared with the previous reporting period rose by $3 / ton.

face rising coal prices, the National People’s Congress, Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Youxi is not optimistic. “The decline in coal is reducing prices is hundreds of hundreds, a few pieces of coal prices rose, the only loss an utterly inadequate measure.” Zhang Youxi said, there is no change in supply and demand, overcapacity is still very serious.” read more

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2013 the longing for a better life to sail New Year’s message

new year, a new day. Last night, the new year’s bell rang for a long time; this morning, the sun shines on the earth, full of smiles. New year’s breath in the bud, the fragrance of spring in the ripple.

new year, by 2012, a year of hard work, a year of development, the sky and earth, wind with rain, sing sing, a road way, the way the sun, if the potential supremely, gorgeous.

this year, the province’s people with a high sense of political responsibility and a strong sense of historical mission, the study and implementation of the spirit of the party’s eighteen as the primary political task, elaborate organization, careful arrangements, study and implementation work gradually deepening. Standing at a new historical starting point, the twelve provincial Party Congress to develop the rich development of the provincial Party committee to explore the formation of the overall idea of scientific development, writing a new chapter in Qinghai, to create a new life. read more

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