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Investigate real problems, not smut

first_imgTo the Editor:The campaigns for our upcoming local elections are a sad reflection of our steadily declining culture. President John F. Kennedy was probably the most womanizing president in our more recent history. Yet the mainstream news media left the reporting of his intimate escapades to the “smut press” (Globe, Examiner, Enquirer, etc.). The mainstream news media focused on the real problems of the time: Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Right Movement, Cold War, Vietnam War, and so forth. Today the same mainstream news media focuses on the smut and ignores our real problems and accomplishments, ISIS and its defeat, Iran, North Korea and its willingness to talk, the violence of the Palestinians and the moderation of the Saudi Crown Prince, the economic threat of China and its willingness to allow 100 percent foreign ownership of foreign subsidiaries, and so forth.Locally the O’Donnell team continues to publicize an unproven allegation that Mayor Davis engaged in sexual misconduct (propagation of smut), an unqualified allegation of excessive spending, $17,000 on office furniture – on one office, or 10 offices, that makes a big difference (slinging of mud), falsely discrediting PILOT payments (more mud-slinging). Recently a large labor union paid for political ads promoting the O’Donnell campaign. O’Donnell denied any affiliation with this promoter. Why would any organization spend any money promoting a politician if they did not expect a benefit from his victory? Because O’Donnell had stated that his team would require that all developers building in Bayonne would have to be union shops. This would once again cause developers to avoid Bayonne and we would tumble back into the era of decline that Mayor Davis brought us out of. If I remember correctly the current city council passed an ordinance that requires all developers in Bayonne to pay union equivalent wages. That is quite a difference from requiring them to use union shops, the difference is freedom, something our beloved country is supposed to stand for. It is our responsibility, us the citizens, to stand up for freedom and to elect candidates who will protect our freedoms. If we, the people, do not stand up for freedom, we will lose it.Our news media must find its way back to true investigative journalism. Investigate not smut, but real problems. And so I would like to challenge this paper to investigate the school budget and the BBOED, how many employees does the BBOED have, what do they do, how many managers do they have, how many employees with six figure compensation, etc. The press is supposed to be our, the citizens,’ extended eyes and ears, our weapons to defend freedom, and not profiteer from sensationalism, smut and mud. Let us start here in Bayonne to return to decency and courage, the courage to truly investigate problems such as excessively high school budgets. As I said in earlier letters, even though we spend the most on public education per student in this country, we do not score the best by far. Something is very wrong and this is what the news media is supposed to uncover – not smut! ALEXANDER H. SCHENKlast_img read more

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