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Northport Man Killed in Car Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 42-year-old Northport man was killed when he crashed his car in Commack on Monday morning.Suffolk County police said Gregory Kelly was driving his Honda Civic southbound on Old Commack Road when he lost control of the car and hit a tree just south of Old Northport Road at 7 a.m.The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. He was driving alone at the time.Fourth Squad detectives impounded the car, are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on this crash to call them at 631-854-8452.last_img

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When “small” things make a difference

first_imgWe never take photos again, and we never have fewer photos Thus, thanks to the power of Instagram, many smaller destinations due to the large influx of tourists have major problems in the context of overtourism. Just recently, the Austrian village of Hallstatt, which was declared the “best Instagram city in the world”, reacted with a request that tourists no longer visit them. “There are a lot of glass rocks in the hotel that reveal different scenes of Rovinj. Instead of applying graphics and logos that serve to warn of the glass surface, verbal and auditory associations are printed here that unobtrusively enter the frame with a view of the city. ”  stated in the Bruketa & Žinić & Gray agency. Each name of the bar, restaurant and part of the interior hides a story whose main protagonists are travelers, sailors, saints, factory workers or characters from the novel, associated with that place. Stories or fragments of them can be found in various places in the hotel, from the room and the travel diary, through the introductory pages of the menus and wine lists, all the way to the markings on the glass. When was the last time you took a photo? Family or from a trip? or better yet when you looked at the photos you took, especially the ones back a couple of years ago? Inspired by this idea, the team of the Bruketa & Žinić & Gray agency created a visual identity based on the guest’s interaction with the destination. And that’s where some great details, in my opinion, small but big things that make a difference are hidden. THE POWER OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN TOURISM Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is the most luxurious hotel in Croatia, as well as the largest individual tourist investment of the Adris Group, and just recently it deservedly became part of one of the world’s largest organizations in luxury hospitality, The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW). But before the story from the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, let’s spice up the whole story a bit. The power of photography has always been impressive, both before and today. Even in the digital world, thanks to social media, and especially Instagram back a couple of years. Even a great photo on social media can be a motive for the younger population to come. Only that they too can fill their Instagram wall with the same photo and get thousands of likes. The power of photography and social media As they point out from the Bruketa & Žinić & Gray agency, the next architectural idea of ​​the hotel and its entire branding is discreet and visible only where it is necessary, such as the main entrance. “Instead, communication is carried by a verbal identity made up of local stories and legends that have also served as inspiration in naming individual hotel segments: Viva Eufemia, Laurel & Berry, Cap Aurea, Cissa, Bitinada, Primi Terreni ” Today, thanks to the fact that we all have a great camera (cell phone) in our pocket, which is ready always and now to shoot a good photo, the need or way of life to share photos on social networks, we photograph more than ever in human history, but unfortunately we never have “less ” Photography. And when the story is constantly repeated and returned from the subconscious, the power of photography and free marketing is even stronger. The same goes for an authentic and original souvenir. And the proof of that thesis is best shown in the photo below. As they point out from the Bruketa & Žinić & Gray agency in today’s digitalized world, physical memory means something again and is in a way exclusive. “ANDdentity is thus in the function of a catalyst, conveys stories about Rovinj, and inspires the guest to introspection and record their own stories and experiences” Remember, remember, remember… In addition, Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is in many ways special and attracts attention. In this story, we will focus on visual identity and communication, ie small details, celebrating human creativity, which impresses me day by day. Local story – the importance of authenticity Unfortunately, we have thousands of photos trapped in our cell phones or hard drive as well backup, which we rarely or never watch. We don’t have time or we don’t have the habit of taking photos anymore, which is logically in line with the times we live in. But just the other day due to renovations I was cleaning the attic and old closets where I found old dusty photo albums. It is not enough to say that the old pictures aroused strong and powerful emotions, but it is also a pity that today I have no more photos, real, ie made photos. The city even closed the roads in an attempt to deter tourists, but without any luck. Mayor Alexander Scheutz said Hallstatt is an important work of cultural history, not a museum, and that they want to reduce the number of tourists by at least a third, but that they do not and do not know how. A topic we can write a book about, but let’s move on….center_img Although we like to think that we are conscious and rational beings, we make 50-90% of decisions on a subconscious and emotional level. – points out Dalibor Šumiga, a behavioral marketing specialist from the company PromoSapiens. Anyway, the little things work and make a difference, and so do these examples like the Polaroid camera, the power of photography, and the famous word remember that keeps creeping into my head. But, as logical, natural and simple as they may seem, this is the genius of the same, and behind them are hours and hours of creative thinking. Authenticity cannot be copied, it is unique and it is authenticity that creates a comparative advantage over all others. That is why authenticity is the main essence in tourism. As in the tourist product, promotion, design, architecture and visual communication. PS Not so long ago, a photo aroused my desire and motive for coming to one of our tourist destinations – Rovinj. How and why read in the attachment. Photo as a regular visitor to Rovinj and the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Namely, it is a UNESCO site since 1977, and as it says The Sun , supposedly that place was the inspiration for the Disney movie Frozen. The town has a population of 780, according to Deutsche Welle, and last year this small destination was visited by 1 million tourists from China alone. This is how the mentioned creatives came up with the idea to make Grand Park Hotel Rovinj for their client diary which together with Polaroid camera gets each guest to be motivated to record their experiences of Rovinj. What is the connection between the photo and the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj? Excellent positioning and visual that can certainly become a potential trigger in the brain whenever a hotel guest sees or reads the word remember, to remember Rovinj, ie the Grand Park Hotel. And that is the greatest power in branding. We are free to put this message in the category of subconscious advertising. In the world of marketing, it has long been a well-known fact that our subconscious mind listens, sees and receives information without us even being aware of it. As I mentioned above, the power of photography, imagine the power of that photography as a constant reminder of the destination and “that” moment, when it is in the living room. Apart from the fact that every day, I emphasize every day, reminds guests of an unforgettable experience, so photography is also the subject of discussion of every guest who comes to your home. Because surely like every guest when they see that photo they will either ask the host about it or they will spontaneously attract attention and initiate interaction. PHOTOGRAPHY AS A MOTIVATION FOR COMING TO A TOURIST DESTINATION Photo: Bruketa & Žinić & Gray Agency Thus, one small village in Austria has six times more tourists per capita than Venice. And all because of the need to take a selfie from this popular Instagram destination. If it was not published on Facebook or Instagram, as if it did not happen – it is a well-known folk proverb in the modern digital age in which we live. One of the specifics of the hotel is certainly the unique view of the city visible from almost all rooms, and the view from the hotel to the old town of Rovinj is the most photographed photo of the hotel. It was with this idea and emotion that Bruketa & Žinić & Gray were guided. Attachment: Just as it was pointed out, today physical photography has become an exclusivity. Funny, but so be it. And if one of the photos taken with a Polaroid camera from the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj ends up in a frame somewhere in the living room or refrigerator, the photo gets a new factor – free marketing and strong positioning on a conscious and unconscious level. Powerful, isn’t it? It is also about strong positioning, both on a conscious and unconscious level. last_img read more

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