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What would happen if Aliens met Nigerians?

first_imgStolen:#WhenAliensMeetNigerians Alien:I’m the last survivor of my race. Nigerian:you are not last in Jesus [email protected] @muthonimwai— Judy Mugo (@Jdymugo) August 20, 2015 #WhenAliensMeetNigerians and a very rich one wants to marry your daughter pic.twitter.com/yMwlCSbP4Y— SwickTV (@theswicktv) August 20, 2015 In recent years Nigerians have often taken to twitter to talk about issues in the communities or raise awareness of particular problems they have. But once in a while the country men go on-line just to have fun. On Thursday Nigerians ran with #whenaliensmeetnigerians the hashtag quickly caught on and was the second biggest trending topic in Nigeria.Here are some of our favorites:#WhenAliensMeetNigerians Alien ship crashes somewhere in Nigeria. People rush to the scene to go and scoop fuel. pic.twitter.com/SPgJH98zST— .gitout (@Korede_TA) August 20, 2015 #WhenAliensMeetNigerians and see spare parts of their UFO available for sell pic.twitter.com/f6s3a0j2vq— O.G Skiwo (@skiwo) August 19, 2015 #WhenAliensMeetNigeriansAlien: we come in peace *extends hand*Nigerian dad: Is that how you greet your elders? pic.twitter.com/AVtF6ePBtB— el hermanø (@toluenoch_) August 19, 2015https://twitter.com/iam_Raice/status/634048278255022080#WhenAliensMeetNigerians *alien spaceship lands* officer: where is your driver’s license pic.twitter.com/DsBSmaT0bX— A (@Itz_Ammar) August 20, 2015last_img read more

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