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first_imgAmong other Indians in the fray, Lalith Babu lost to Among other Indians in the fray, Lalith Babu lost to Kasimdzhanov in an endgame that should have been an easy draw but a blunder towards the final stages cost the Indian dearly. B Adhiban and Abhijeet Gupta were held to draws by lesser known opponents Firman Syah Farid of Indonesia and Nodirbek Yakubboev of Uzbekistan respectively while Vidit Gujrathi scored a fine win at the expense of Chinese Tin Jingyao. The open championship will select five players for the next world chess cup while the top ranked woman from here will qualify for the next world womens championship. Important and Indian results Round 4 (Indians unless specified): Men: Wen Yang (Chn, 3.5) drew with Le Quang Liem (Vie, 3.5); Ehsan Ghaem Maghami (Iri, 3.5) drew with Wei Yi (Chn, 3.5); Rustam Kasimdzhanov (Uzb, 3.5) beat M R Lalith Babu (2.5); Aravindh Chithambaram (2.5) lost to Surya Shekhar Ganguly (3.5); Gao Rui (Chn, 3) drew with S P Sethuraman (3); Firman Syah Farid (Ina, 2.5) drew with B Adhiban (2.5); Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (3) beat Tin Jingyao (Chn, 2); Abhijeet Gupta (2.5) drew with Nodirbek Yakubboev (Uzb, 2.5); Deep Sengupta (3) beat Awam Wahono (Ina, 2); Murali Karthikeyan (2) beat Ortik Nigmatov (Uzb, 1.5); Avalboev Sukhrobjon (Uzb, 1) lost to Rahul Srivatshav (2). Women: Nguyen Thi Mai Hung(Vie, 3.5) beat Atousa Pourkashiyan (Iri, 3); Hoang Thi Bao Tram (Iri, 3) drew with Li Xueyi (Chn 3); Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (Iri, 2) lost to Bhakti Kulkarni (3.5); Guo Qi (Chn, 2.5) drew with Pham Le Thao Nguyen (Vie, 2.5); Mary Ann Gomes (2.5) drew with Dinara Saduakassova (Kaz, 2.5); Mitra Hejazipour (Iri, 3) beat B Pratyusha (2); Soumya Swaminathan (2.5) beat Munguntuul Batkhuyag (Mgl, 1.5); Padmini Rout (2.5) beat Nodira Nadirjanova (Uzb, 1.5); Citra Dewi Ardhiani Anastasia (Ina, 1.5) lost to R Vaishali (2.5). PTI Corr PDS PDSadvertisementlast_img read more

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