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Transportation projects may stall after 2013

first_imgThe state Department of Transportation expects another busy construction season in Southwest Washington this year, to the tune of a $182 million construction budget in 2012.But as transportation planners gear up for a big slate of projects in 2012 — even 2013, based on continuing work already underway — the future is less certain, said WSDOT regional administrator Don Wagner. A large spike in public funding is about to dry up if nothing emerges in its place, he said, both statewide and locally.Much of the recent boom of transportation projects in Washington was boosted by a pair of state gas tax packages, approved in 2003 and 2005. Those dollars will help pay for 19 projects in Clark County alone.But transportation officials intentionally front-loaded the work schedule funded by those packages, Wagner said, with borrowing costs to be paid off long-term by gas tax collections. Construction activity is now reaching a peak, and could soon come back down, he said.“We’ll be done with that work in 2014,” Wagner said. “We’re going to pay for that work for the next 30 years … It was not a pay-as-you-go system.”last_img read more

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