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Nimbaians Dissociate from PYJ’s ‘Coup Plot’ Allegation

first_imgA cross section of prominent Nimbaians, in a strongly worded statement issued late Sunday night, denounced recent allegations made by Senator Prince Y. Johnson implicating fellow Senator, Thomas Grupee, of conspiracy.The statement was signed by prominent citizens hailing from Nimba, including Harrison S. Karnwea, Sr., Dr. Marcus S. G. Dahn, Yarsuo Weh-Dorliae, Peter Z. N. Karmei, Johnson N. Gwaikolo, Dr. Federick Norkeh, Cllr. Zehyee B. Dehkie, Dehpu Zuo, Dr. Kardiker Rex K. Dahn, Saye M. Zarwolo, Madam Estella Flomo Wehye and Ben Matalda.“We the people of Nimba County denounce all forms of insurgency, belligerence, and violence. We are determined to defend the state, sustain security, peace, unification, and solidarity amongst all citizens of Liberia,” the statement said.While it is true that Nimbaians at home and in the Diaspora are disturbed by their Senator’s revelations, they are also concerned and overwhelmed that these utterances are emanating from a senator of a county, who should be laboring with his peers at the National Legislature to ensure peace and progress for Liberia.They have at the same time, reaffirmed their unflinching loyalty to the Liberian state, noting with great satisfaction that the government has made significant progress in sustaining peace, promoting national reconciliation, and in building the state.However, they have called on the government to investigate the allegations by Senator Johnson regarding alleged conspiracy to destabilize the Liberian State.“We urge our government and its security forces to take these revelations seriously; and to conduct full investigation with findings publicly reported to dispel any suspicions and fears amongst the citizens of Liberia,” the statement demands.On Friday May, 29, 2014, a local newspaper reported that Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County, had communicated with the President Pro Tempore of the Senate informing him of allegations made on May 26, 2014, by Senator Thomas Grupee  (also of Nimba County);According to the paper, Senator Johnson indicated that Senator Grupee had averred that the Vice President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., and others are involved in a conspiracy against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Senator Johnson’s communications called on the Plenary of the Senate to investigate Senator Grupee as such allegations were tantamount to treason and breach of Article 76, Number 4 of the Constitution of Liberia.Liberia Peace Initiative Meanwhile, Nimbaians have also reaffirmed their support to the Liberia Peace Initiative, led by Ambassador George Weah, adding that they are profoundly conscious of the need to enhance national reconciliation and healing amongst Liberians to guarantee “our peaceful existence and collective national growth and development.” By that, they have encouraged Ambassador Weah and his peace building staff to appreciate that peace-building need not begin with the people of Grand Gedeh and Nimba, “because residents of the two great counties have smoked peace pipes and signed peace agreements amongst themselves long before the war officially ended.”According to them, by doing so, they have demonstrated their love for one another through scores of inter-tribal marriages tat ae produed many children since the war; operation of small businesses across boundaries continues to increase; countless peaceful sports matches; and there exists profound love, respect, friendship, and mutual good feelings among the residents of both counties.“We the people of Nimba County therefore caution that persistent attempts by the Liberia Peace Initiative always to call on residents of the two counties for peace conferences reflect the fallacy that they are the sources of conflict in Liberia. This practice must stop. It has the potential to prove counterproductive as evidenced recently by the pronouncement by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Morris Dukuly, to the effect that once you are known by town members of being a chicken rogue in the community, you will always be accused whenever a chicken gets missing.”Based on those historical facts, Nimbaians said they were therefore, in solidarity with the people of Grand Gedeh, thereby profoundly condemning Dukuly’s reference to residents of Grand Gedeh-and by implication to Nimbaians—as “chicken rogues”.The signers of the Nimba statement disclaimed Min. Morris’ comment; noting that residents of the two counties are not “chicken rogues. We are peace-loving people, working with our fellow citizens nationwide in the pursuit of national unity, economic development and social progress under God’s command.”“While we too acknowledge Minister Dukuly’s apology, we deplore his pronouncement as it significantly undermines peace and reconciliation,” the statement declared.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Poor sugar-consuming public

first_imgDear Editor,Reference is drawn to the article captioned “Local sugar price increases” that was carried in Guyana Times on February 13, 2018, wherein GuySuCo’s acting CEO, Paul Bhim, confirmed that the price of sugar on the local market has been increased since early February. The CEO further stated that the price “has not been increased for about eight or nine years. So, we had just finished reviewing the prices on the local market and we thought it was opportune time to increase”.Editor, the CEO needs to advise the consuming public on who is “we” that reviewed the price and determined the increase, and secondly why now is considered the “opportune time to increase” the price of sugar; a time when almost 7000 sugar workers are out of a job, struggling to make ends meet.There must have been valid reason why for the past eight or nine years that either the Government, its Board or corporate management decided against increasing the price of sugar. The CEO opined that “the increase has been active for about three weeks already and we haven’t had a single complaint about it. I haven’t seen anything or anyone coming to GuySuCo”.It was only earlier this week, in a Guyana Times article, that a housewife at Canje, Rose Hall lamented that with her husband being out of a job through the closure of the Rose Hall Estate, they could only afford one meal and the other being “sugar water” per day. Sugar, therefore, become a luxury consumable product for this family. For sure, I don’t think this family could afford to travel to the CEO’s office to complain about the increase in the price of sugar.The CEO, in the said article, makes it appear that the increase is insignificant, which is rather misleading. Let’s look at what the increase means to the sugar company’s revenue. GuySuCo sells approximately 28,000 metric tonnes of sugar to the local market, which is equivalent to 560,000 (50)kg bags. The CEO said the price has been increased from $4900 to $5145 per 50kg bag; an increase of $245. It means therefore, that GuySuCo will rake in $137 million in additional revenue from an increase in price that the CEO described as insignificant.This increased revenue is not from any strategic marketing initiative, but from the backs of the consuming public.If the company really wants to look at conserving on cost, it needs to critically look at its high overhead expenses, including its head-office costs, and not extracting its revenue from the poor sugar-consuming public.Yours faithfully,Selwyn Narinedattlast_img read more

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