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Quickly grasp the winter clothing store display skills

operating clothing business, in addition to the quality and style of goods, store display is also important. Winter female clothing store has its own unique display skills, learn these skills, quickly attract customers.

method against decoration

Qujingtongyou method

the "quiet, deep Buddhist temple garden" beautiful poem. The layout of the clothing store should be conducive to the customer’s walking, and keep it going, giving people a fascinating feeling. For the depth of the shop, the channel may be designed into S shape, and inward extension. For the rectangular site shop, through the shelf arrangement, so that customers in multiple rounds, not into the store after sweeping, turn left.

wardrobe combination method

in each season, consumer’s wardrobe is a new combination of various occasions, various applications and a variety of theme style rich and orderly. With the accelerated pace of urban life, people need more wardrobe portfolio design services. Clothing store in the combination of goods, may wish to take advantage of this mentality, in the sale of goods at the same time also increase the service of a domestic design. Taobao shop. The combination can be divided into a single combination, a combination of lovers, a combination of three families, etc..

joint convenient method

will be the same kind of consumer products to put together, or will often put together the collocation styles. Such as the men’s shirts, suits and ties, tie clips, etc., will be placed in autumn and winter coats and hats, scarves, etc..


most fashion by method of showing the effect of direct to consumer sales. When people see a beautiful show, they think they are so beautiful. Stores in addition to hanging display and shelf display, but also the use of model shows. There is a real person, dummy model show, beautiful salesperson can also act as a model, the world’s first commercial model is the most lucrative career.

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