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How to open solar stores

although many families have used electric water heater products, but there are still a lot of people still retain solar energy products, especially in rural areas, after all, the product meets the needs of the market environment. Since the market demand, then someone to invest. So how to open solar stores? If you want to know, come and see.

however, some stores can make money, some stores do not make money. Why is this? Today, follow Xiaobian to see it.

actually store the solar business is good or bad and the location of a great relationship, but some operators often misguided, so business is. Location errors are the following:

in many places is very popular, some business people xiaojiannaodai solar hard to squeeze, the shop door is small and inconspicuous, clothing, convenience stores are flooded, business will not good. In general, there is a popular business. However, the flow of people is not equal to the volume, downtown and is not only standard to choose the shop. We do not want the lantern of people, the key is to study the "potential customers" or "effective traffic" how many.

in solar street

There are many

Feng Shui superstition

the site, to find out their own capital and human capital. The first is to choose for their customers, followed by their own election, the last is for their future

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