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Reduce the cost of enterprise development in Fujian launched 20 policy measures

prices continue to rise in our money more and more valuable, while the majority of enterprises are also faced with the current situation of increased production costs, a serious threat to their own strength. According to this phenomenon, "Fuzhou City, the supply side structural reform cost reduction action plan (2016~2018)" before the date of issuing, proposed system by reducing transaction costs, reduce the corporate tax burden, reduce financing cost, human resource cost, production cost, logistics cost, the full implementation of the benefits of enterprise policy package 20 policies and measures, and strive to use about 3 years to achieve the real economic cost of enterprises decreased significantly.

reduces institutional transaction costs. In the future, with no legal laws and regulations in accordance with the administrative examination and approval, shall be canceled, and to promote the approval service matters more processing time from days to days to move from the unit to calculate the limit to settles on a hourly basis. The matter can be resolved through the matter after the matter, shall not be used as an administrative examination and approval of the pre conditions of the laws and regulations on the basis of the conditions, shall be canceled.

reduce enterprise tax burden. I will clean up and standardize the charges related enterprises will be exempt from the surcharge for education, local education surcharge, water conservancy construction fund, tax from the current monthly monthly sales or turnover of not more than 30 thousand yuan (quarterly quarterly sales tax or turnover of not more than 90 thousand yuan) of the payer, to expand the tax monthly monthly sales or the turnover of not more than 100 thousand yuan (quarterly quarterly sales tax or turnover of not more than 300 thousand yuan) of the payer.

from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018, the industrial enterprises need to pay maintenance fees by 50% Jianghai dike project collection standards; from June 1, 2016 onwards, in addition to the resources compensation and damage compensation, full stop Sheqi administrative fees project levy industrial enterprises; government pricing and guidance to enterprises operating service charges, according to the lower limit of the implementation.

reduce corporate financing costs. I will guide financial institutions to fully implement the "three to one drop fill" key tasks, to promote the conditions of the county (city) District, the development of a number of government funded mainly to highlight the main industry, operating norms, strong government financing guarantee institutions, broaden the financing channels for enterprises to reduce the cost of financing lease business.

reduce enterprise human resource cost. I will reduce the social insurance premium rates, the rate of unemployment insurance in 2015 from 3% to 2% basis, from May 1, 2016 onwards, the unit pay part of another 0.5%, which is the employer to pay 1%, 0.5% individual pay, the implementation period of 2 years; the benchmark rate of industrial injury insurance policy adjustment period and then extended to December 31, 2018 will be the employer; recommended students pay

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