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Ruan quasi entrepreneurial honey shop to earn 10 thousand yuan monthly

even if a lot of people think of the honey shop should be able to make money, however, the monthly profit of ten thousand yuan or so many people feel surprised. In this paper, the main character is quasi continuous efforts, relying on the operation of honey shop, to achieve the dream of making a million yuan monthly.

in the district to open a honey store?

log on the shelf, blue and white ceramic cylinder and bottled honey honey well-proportioned to line up a row. 3 months ago, Ruan quasi invested 100 thousand yuan, opened a shop near the fruit honey Lake District zhangjiewan, now a monthly turnover of more than 10 thousand yuan in stability.

reporter yesterday came to the 50 square meters of the store, which is filled with more than 60 kinds of products, the cheapest sunflower honey selling $35 /1000 grams, the most expensive royal jelly 1000 grams price of nearly a thousand dollars. Ruan quasi wearing a mask, the customer is loaded with honey. He first put the honey jar in a microwave sterilization, and then from the honeypot scooped the honey, while asking the customer habit of eating honey, while bottling packing.

Nguyen quasi 47 years old this year, before doing honey export trade, and honey played for the past 26 years. "Almost all of the current domestic market sales is concentrated or add honey honey, dehydrated by the machine, many nutrients loss in the processing process, Ruan quasi said, honey is a popular health care products, but consumers did not eat a really good product, which means that the huge market potential. Therefore, he had the idea of opening a honey shop, specializing in higher nutritional value of natural ripe honey.

Nguyen and Wuhan, a manufacturer to reach a cooperation agreement, the manufacturers supply Honey Shop, the quality standard is slightly higher than the export products. Mature honey and mechanical enrichment of honey, compared to the price of 1000 grams per 10 yuan.

Nguyen quasi said that the current promotion of the main shops near the reputation of the public, although slow, but the effect is significant, now has accumulated more than and 300 members, mostly stable repeat customers.

Ruan has already begun to imagine, in the crowded area near the branch.

area of about 20 square meters, the first investment of 50 thousand yuan. A total investment of 100 thousand yuan (40 thousand yuan renovation costs, the first batch of goods 50 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan of liquidity) main monthly expenses: 2 employees, salary 1000 yuan / person, the rent of 3000 yuan, the monthly turnover: the first month of nearly a million, then stabilized at 10 thousand yuan.

now people’s living conditions have been improved, coupled with delicious honey, which has become a lot of people will choose health products. For this reason, Ruan quasi open honey shop will be so successful. Such a successful case, it is worth investors to refer to it?

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