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Model of dual education in tourism: Lošinj’s Jadranka Group became Bernays’ partner from the tourism sector

first_imgSo logical, normal and natural – the cooperation of educational institutions and tourism companies where students learn concretely and practically in the real sector, while studying, ie through the model of dual education. A model that should always have been like that, but unfortunately it is not, that’s why we have all sorts of problems in our tourism. It is through the dual education system that the quality vocational and tourism strength of Austrian and German education is established, where classes are held about 60 percent in companies and 40 percent in schools.However, thanks to the cooperation with Jadranka Group, Bernays students of Edward Bernays College of Communication Management will gain their specific knowledge and concrete practical experiences from the tourism sector under the mentorship of experienced experts of this internationally awarded company and the largest employer in the Cres-Lošinj archipelago. Great story, synergy and win-win for everyone.As pointed out by Bernays, by introducing study programs in the field of tourism, Bernays continues to implement its own model of dual education and increase the number of partner organizations involved in its implementation. “Bernays’ cooperation with the business sector has been an imperative of this university since day one. It is thanks to the unique approach to higher education and the numerous partnerships we have achieved so far that Bernays has become a recognizable higher education institution, not only within the academic community, but also within the business community itself. The potential of Bernays and its role in creating a new generation of tourism professionals was among the first to be recognized by Jadranka Group, which supported us in developing study programs and became our partner in their education, for which, on behalf of the entire Bernays development and academic team, I thank them.”, Said Mario Petrovic, President of the Board of Bernays, adding that Bernays’ study of tourism offers students training under the mentorship of experienced experts from one of the leading tourism companies in Croatia and also the largest employer in the Cres-Losinj archipelago.Jadranka Group has been successfully operating in the field of tourism and trade for 70 years, and the result is a respectable portfolio that brings together the flagships of today’s catering, tourism and trade offer. The group is known for its superior and unique service, continuous investments in improving the offer, but also investing in human resources and employee education and student scholarships. Thanks to that, in addition to numerous international recognitions and awards in the categories of excellence and innovation, Jadranka Group was named the third best employer in the category of large companies. “In the tourism sector, as a key branch of the Croatian economy, we are witnessing that from year to year we are facing increasing demand, and a decreasing supply of educated and quality staff to work in tourism. At the same time, staff is a necessary prerequisite for maintaining a high level of service and offer, which is recognized by increasingly demanding tourists, especially those who choose hotels of the highest categories for their stay. Therefore, we are glad that Jadranka Group is the first partner of the new tourism studio and we are sure that it will make a great contribution to the theoretical and practical education of new, competent staff and strengthening their position in the market.”, Said the President of the Management Board of Jadranka Group Sanjin Šolić.Also, within the new study vertical at Bernays, the Department of Tourism has been established, which will include courses that will provide future students with the basis for acquiring the necessary knowledge for quality management and marketing in tourism in the context of undergraduate study “Tourism Destination Management and Marketing”. knowledge and skills necessary to perform the most complex tasks in the field of tourism experience management in the graduate study “Tourism Experience Management”. “In addition to daily work, the Department of Tourism will take special care that lecturers from the Department develop in both academic and scientific terms, publish scientific papers in prestigious journals and participate in relevant conferences in the country and abroad. One of the most important tasks in the end is to participate with their students in various projects that will make a tangible contribution to the development of tourism in Croatia.”, Said the head of the Department of Tourism, Dr. sc. Romana Lekić pointed out that special attention will be paid to the development of partnerships and cooperation between lecturers and cooperation with the real tourism sector, which needs to be listened to all the time, while developing cooperation with other similar tourism studies in the country and abroad.Great collaboration, that there are at least more collaborations and stories like this. Jadranka Group will certainly not have problems with a qualified workforce because with this cooperation they will be able to select and have students under their “supervision” in the database, of course if it meets the expectations of students and interests them enough. On the other hand, this kind of cooperation gives credibility to Bernays and students with practical knowledge and experience, and after graduation they will certainly have no problem finding a job because they will be at least 5 years ahead of everyone. They will have concrete practical experience, combine theory and burst, and will be ready for the “first” business challenges on the first day after graduation.Hoteliers would currently pay for the finished manager like dry gold.Win-Win for everyone. That’s it, smart enough.last_img

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