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School of information science and technology Shanxi Agricultural University

in modern society, to promote and encourage entrepreneurship of college students has become a social direction, at the same time, in some universities, but also actively establish some good entrepreneurial base and platform for college students.

7 10, Shanxi Agricultural University Institute of information held a "innovation, entrepreneurship, build a new model of integration of production and education," school enterprise cooperation and exchanges, the school opened the establishment of entrepreneurship institute.

in the school enterprise cooperation conference, Chinese UnionPay Shanxi branch, Shanxi International Chamber of Commerce, Shanxi radio and television media group more than 10 units, and information on the current agricultural Information Institute of Agricultural University double teachers team construction, professional practice base construction and application personnel training program revision, innovation and entrepreneurship education and industry, industry, enterprise integration and other issues were discussed in depth. After the meeting, held the opening ceremony of the establishment of entrepreneurial college, hired and grace Cci Capital Ltd chairman Xing Lipeng as Dean of entrepreneurship.


for the Shanxi Agricultural University such a practice, in fact, is the response of the party and the state policy, to be some college students with professional knowledge of their culture has become the new era of social entrepreneurship and innovation consciousness of youth.


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