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How to start a loser

The fact that

is always the most cruel, every day there are countless losers was born, but the first time the failure does not mean that has been in a failed state, as long as willing to make efforts, we will be able to grasp the future of a better tomorrow, but the key is how to conduct business should be a loser, so as to grasp the future?

now in such a severe economic situation, the development of the global economy is in a downturn, a large number of business failures, more companies closed, also contributed to the growing unemployment, so they later road how to go? For the unemployed, they have their own family, their children and their parents, in the face of enormous economic pressure and the pressure of life, lost their jobs after they should rely on what to maintain a large family?

rely on government subsidies? May not be too realistic, because it is only a small amount of subsidies, and not enough to maintain a family, so they will also consider whether to start my own business, to run a small shop, to obtain certain benefits at lower cost, because the unemployed may not have enough capital and then go running, running a medium-sized store, perhaps is indeed a good choice.

Since then


since the unemployed don’t have enough money to go to, can consider to choose a business enterprise to join cooperation, so that they can not only according to your money ready to tell you what your business will be more money? At the same time, you can also according to your actual situation to build a suitable for their own stores, including size, staffing, technology, business types, etc..



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