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World Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

is now all over the country are actively promoting the youth to social entrepreneurship, especially the whole society is very good for some of the young entrepreneurs who have given some business platform and business environment in Hongkong recently held the second session of the world youth entrepreneurship forum.

organized by the Youth Association of the second session of the World Youth Entrepreneurship Forum "held on 3, attracted about 400 participants from 22 countries and regions to participate in youth, understand the trend of global entrepreneurship. The HSBC Asia Pacific chief executive Wang Dongsheng believes that the development of Shenzhen Qianhai good equipment and environment, suitable for youth entrepreneurship, innovation and R & D products refers to the group of customers more successful application to the bank financing opportunity is also higher. There are 90 young entrepreneurs believe that the lack of Internet Professionals in Hongkong, there are some obstacles to online advertising and marketing.

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