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Successful entrepreneurs are reading six books

successful entrepreneurs have a habit, that is, love learning, love reading, because reading can bring them more entrepreneurial inspiration. So what do successful entrepreneurs usually read? Here are six books recommended to you, have time to read.

1, Steve’s biography of ""

Jobs is not the history of the world’s best entrepreneurs, but it must be one of them. Jobs is like a roller coaster of wonderful life and hot intense character achievement of a legend, a very creative leader, his pursuit of perfection and the passion of commitment to the personal computer, animated movies, music, mobile phone, tablet computer and digital publishing industry has undergone six major disruptive change, he changed the world with the products, his thinking has influenced generations of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs.

2, "Blue Ocean Strategy"

"Blue Ocean Strategy" to provide a systematic method for enterprise competition and rejection. In this subversion of the traditional strategic thinking of the work, the author shows a set of proven analytical framework and tools for enterprises to successfully create and capture the blue ocean. Through the analysis of a large number of strategic actions in various industries, the author also proposes six principles for the successful development and implementation of the blue ocean strategy. These principles tell companies how to rebuild the boundaries of the market, focus on the overall situation, beyond existing demand, follow a reasonable strategic order, overcome organizational barriers and implement the strategy as part of the strategy.

3, sense of participation: millet word of mouth marketing manual

as "in human history to reach tens of billions of dollars in sales, billion dollar valuation the fastest growing company" (Xu Xiaoping language), the success of millet can be called the age of the Internet business tutorial. Millet is how to do 4 years of 60 billion, it is just like the outside world just to talk about marketing it? Lei Jun has been said that millet sales is a sense of participation? This article from the team, product, marketing, design, service and other aspects of the introduction of millet model, for you to restore a real millet. After reading this book, you will find that most of the interpretation of millet on the market are misunderstanding, misreading and misinformation. Sense of participation: millet word of mouth marketing manual is not only entrepreneurship will study, but also the traditional enterprise Internet transformation will read.

4, effective manager


, "fiasco"

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