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How to join the health care

living standards improve, although people live a happy life, but also a wealth of disease has followed. For the rise of the number of people in China, the gradual emergence of a high number of people, there are health experts launched to eat coarse grains to promote the body’s blood circulation appeal. Coupled with the universal rise of the concept of people’s health, grain came into being. Health momentum in China is promising, so the investment to join a health food is a good choice.

Xiang Mo grain diet health workshop build grain delicacies, now with the current mill, this mill is Shanxi Yu Trade Co. Ltd. God’s brand, is also the best therapeutic health industry. God Shanxi Yu group is a professional engaged in R & D and production of food machinery, raw materials processing, food production, marketing, technology transfer into one comprehensive enterprise group. 2005, the group’s grain supply agencies and a number of well-known brands of raw material supply agreement. After the market and empirical group strategic development planning, the establishment of the Shanxi group of God Yu Trade Co. Ltd., registered at the same time the grain health brand "today, and get the mill" trademark registration certificate issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (approved the use of goods: thirtieth and thirty-fifth), was established in March 2012 this mill (Beijing) Health Technology Co. Ltd. "the mill" brand, in the national investment promotion work. At the same time in a number of supermarket systems to establish a direct cooperation store.

product class

This is the raw material of

mill grinding a variety of health fine powder are low temperature baking cooked, is not puffed, in the process does not add any quick solvent, nutrition can most intact raw materials. The products are divided into: grain, men, Ladies Solid yuan paste solid yuan paste, solid yuan paste, fruit and vegetable in summer time, brown rice tea, vegetable soup, gelatin, fashion herbal tea, health porridge, grain coffee and hundreds of kinds of pre packaged products. Especially the industry’s first time fruits and vegetables series, vacuum frozen drying products using international advanced technology, will be frozen fruits and vegetables, make the flesh moisture quickly solidified, and then placed in a vacuum drying tank, sublimation dehydration in low temperature environment, which has a unique flavor, nutrition and health of the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.

production method

solid paste 1 of the steam, the first use of electronic scales to balance the necessary materials, ready. 2, cleaning machine, ready to grind. 3, grinding machine to open the power supply, open the power must be confirmed before the gap between the two discs in a loose state. 4, the first red dates and walnuts mixed with coarse play again (particles should be a little larger, and the size of mung bean almost), after playing, in the black sesame and red dates, walnuts, stir well, fine play again. In 5, the single donkey hide gelatin and rock sugar, put the donkey hide gelatin and crystal sugar together thick play again, and then in the fine play again. 6, and finally all the ingredients in a large bowl, add rice wine, stir evenly, respectively

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