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See how to evaluate the display of goods

we all know that the goods are displayed in the supermarket have their own rules to follow, reasonable goods display allows consumers to find the products you want to buy the fastest, then, how to do a good job on display goods? How to display the goods and how to play it?

A. position. In the five layer shelves as an example, if the company’s products on display at the golden display line, namely second, have 4 points; if the display in the first layer and the third layer, have 3 points; fourth, 2; fifth, 1 points; if no goods, have 0 points.

B. area fraction. Products placed on the shelves of the outermost row of the number of products that are row. The taste of the product on the shelves at the same time, there are 2 rows of each row can be 1 points, the 4 row of the surface was a score of 2 points, the 6 row of the surface was a score of 3, there is no row surface was a score of 0.

C. order number. The number of products placed on the shelves to reach 10 (board) can get 1 points, the 20 (board) can get a score of 2, and so on. If the number is less than 10, then get a score of 0. Relative position of

D.. If the relative position of the product is the best, can get 4 points; the position of the second, can get 3 points; and so on, the worst position, then get a score of 0. Relative area fraction of

E.. If the product is the largest row, it was 4 points; row face of the top second, then get a score of 3; the smallest row, then get a score of 0. Scoringmethod: every shopping malls display out of 100 points, by the dealer, the monthly newspaper salesman shopping list, acquired by the company after the company confirmed that the sales staff to the monthly shopping spot checks 3 times to score, the average value is taken as the final result.

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