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Xiamen enterprises from the disk of the customs warehouse work is like

in the process of economic development, only the continuous improvement of efficiency, in order to effectively save costs, save time. This time, Xiamen enterprises from the disk of the customs warehouse work is like? The following and Xiaobian together to understand the specific.

not only the high efficiency of their own positions, shorten the production time, but also the flexibility to select the disk node, it is a real reform bonus!" In June 2nd, industries (Xiamen) Co. Ltd. the enterprise completed in 2016 the customs warehouse work since the disc disc ", the company’s Customs Division Chen Yan told reporters.

processing trade enterprises need to import large quantities of bonded materials, for the convenience of daily use of bonded materials enterprises, since the implementation of the customs books to manage, namely the enterprise according to the import and export and the actual use of record in the book, the customs in the annual unit inventory record contents and materials storage, enterprises often need short-term production with the customs.

"customs officers for the enterprise materials category, storage location is not familiar with the needs of enterprise personnel, with factory inventory, to a certain extent affected the efficiency of production plate warehouse, Haicang customs processing trade supervision department chief Xie Tianyou said," we used to set position, enterprises can deploy according to the production plan. Familiar with the warehouse inventory situation of employees, not only improve the efficiency but also reduces the disk storage, production effect."

it is understood that the Xiamen customs through the network platform to achieve the construction of bonded materials supervision, significantly enhance regulatory effectiveness. At the same time, the current part of the credit good, management of enterprises in place by the enterprise inventory can meet the requirements of customs supervision.

in response to this trend, the Xiamen customs better informed of the credit industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. pilot. During the pilot, the company on the part of the production line for the production of demand, only two days to complete all the inventory work, compared with the previous way to save the cost of $820 thousand.

Xiamen customs of their own way, not only effectively improve the efficiency, but also save more costs, is a very practical significance of the reform! In the future, China’s relevant units, but also gradually improve their efficiency, enhance their economic development.

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