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Lightsaber Dueling Is Now an Official Sport in France

first_img You can now engage in mock Star Wars fights in France: The nation’s fencing federation just recognized lightsaber dueling as an official sport.The French Fencing Federation, which recently approved lightsaber dueling, aims to encourage young citizens to take part in more fitness activities, including this interactive sport, the Associated Press reported. With lightsaber dueling, Star Wars fans can engage in fun, competitive play and get a killer workout.The lightsaber, which hails from George Lucas’ saga, can typically cut a Sith lord in half. However, the LED-lit, polycarbonate lightsaber replicas used in the French sport won’t have these same powers. Thanks to technology though, each lightsaber comes with a chip that emits an electric rumble noise, just like the blades the characters use in the Star Wars movies.Lightsaber dueling: Some basic rules. pic.twitter.com/GNEKH5jPJg— John Leicester (@johnleicester) February 18, 2019Lightsaber dueling has similar rules to fencing: Points are granted depending on where players’ blades make contact (hitting the body or head is five points, arms or legs is three points, and hands are only one point), and the first player to reach 15 points wins a match, The Verge noted. If a match doesn’t end in three minutes, then the player with the highest score will automatically win.Of course, there are safety precautions as well: Players are required to wear protective gear on their bodies at all times to prevent injuries. Additionally, the placement of the lightsaber is key, similar to how the characters engage in combat in the Star Wars films: Each lightsaber’s point needs to reach behind a player before they attempt to hit their opponent. With this rule, the French Fencing Association will enforce large sweeping motions instead of quick stabs of the blade during gameplay.Master Yoda won’t be training Jedi athletes anytime soon, however, it could be fun to engage in fake lightsaber fights with other Star Wars enthusiasts in France.More on Geek.com:This ‘Star Wars’ Tweet Might Be Teasing an ‘Episode IX’ Title RevealJ.J. Abrams Posts Heartwarming Photo From ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Set‘Star Wars: Outer Rim’ Is a Bounty Hunter Board Game Stay on target Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… last_img

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