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Uncharted 4 in development for PS4 The Last of US Left Behind

first_imgIf the release of the PlayStation 4 wasn’t exciting enough for fans due to the lack of compelling launch software, then Naughty Dog has some reassuring news. Uncharted 4 is currently in development exclusively for the PS4.If you’re more of a fan of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog has you covered as well, and revealed the game’s upcoming campaign DLC, titled Left Behind.There are virtually no details for Uncharted 4, other than the above teaser. It features a seemingly unfamiliar voice telling a tale of what sounds like revenge, presumably to be taken out against our beloved hero Nathan Drake. Naughty Dog said it’ll reveal some real details soon, but just knowing Uncharted is headed to the PS4 is fantastic news on its own.On the PS3 front, The Last of Us will be getting a new campaign DLC entitled Left Behind. The trailer can be watched below.Left Behind is a prequel of sorts to the story in The Last of Us proper. You’ll play as Ellie (the role reprised by Ashley Johnson) attending a boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone before she meets Joel, the game’s grizzled protagonist. Instead of Joel, Ellie will tag along with her best friend Riley, who is featured in the Dark Horse comics series.You can pre-order Left Behind starting on November 19 from the PlayStation Store, but it doesn’t yet have a solid release date; Naughty Dog is citing the release as sometime in early 2014. Left Behind will cost $15, but is included in the TLOU season pass you can purchase on the PlayStation Store.If you’re disappointed that Naughty Dog returned to Uncharted on the PS4 instead of TLOU — remember that The Last of Us is seen as a standalone piece. It should be, too, because a continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story would cheapen the overall narrative. The prequel DLC should be fine in that Ellie’s story climaxes once Joel is involved, but there is a little room for worry regarding the integrity of the narrative anyway. We’ll know for sure after that early 2014 date hits.last_img

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