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Mario Karts Rainbow Road Gets Remade in Halo 5

first_img Halo 5: Guardians may have gotten a mixed reception from gamers and journalists, but almost all can agree that its Forge Mode was brilliant. Available on both Xbox One and PC, Forge Mode allow users to create all manner of crazy levels — even ones inspired by other games.One latest Forge Mode creation is based on Rainbow Road from the Super Mario Kart series. This map has all of the hazards that Rainbow Road is known for. It can accommodate up to ten players, though it’s likely that most will end up plummeting to their doom thanks to the level’s precarious turns. As you can see from the video below, this is one psychedelic and trippy looking race course.This is an impressive recreation of Rainbow Road, but it is missing a few key things. There are no power-ups to collect and no weapons to use against enemies. The terror of being hit in the back by a random turtle shell doesn’t exist here. Still, the makers of this stage did the best they could with the assets available to them. The most important thing is whether or not the map is any fun to play, and it certainly looks like it’s a blast.You may recall that last year, someone made a Forge Map based on Rocket League. Like with this Mario Kart recreation, that one was also centered around Halo‘s warthog vehicle. Both the Rocket League and Rainbow Roadmaps show off the versatility of Forge Mode nicely. Both maps can be played simply by logging into Halo 5 and searching for them in Forge Mode. Do yourselves a favor and check them out. ‘Astral Chain’ and Other Dumb Nintendo SongsHands-On: ‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020’ Seems Fine Stay on targetlast_img

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