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A successful food manager should be good at listening

a wise man is a good listener, and an endless stream of people can’t get feedback from others. In the entrepreneurial process, one of the elements of a successful manager should have, is good at listening, know what are their deficiencies, subordinates are anxious anxious heart.

to put themselves in each other’s point of view, to feel personally on the scene, to subordinates are thinking, anxious people are anxious. In the process of communication with members of the organization, not only will listen, listen to understand, but also have to say, speak clearly, will use a concise language to convey their feelings, express their ideas.

all attention to feedback. Equality in life, in a food and beverage franchise system is also the case. Whether as a leader or a leader, you should respect others and be respected by others. As a manager, especially a good manager, must be very modest, amiable and easy of approach respect every member, within the organization, consider each member put forward opinions and suggestions, and actively adopt reasonable choice.

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