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Greedy big business become taboo

once really embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, countless people in the temptation of money, think of their own business bigger and bigger, stronger, and involved in the field is more and more widely, which is ultimately a are not taken into account, but to fail, so the record industry the most taboo Tandaqiuquan, examples and small series to bring you the real.

"entrepreneurship must not Tandaqiuquan, what want to earn points, which often results do not come." In the vicinity of Ganjingzi District large run dry cleaners Xiao Zheng summed up his entrepreneurial experience said. She had been in the dry cleaner for a year, but it was not until recently.

but small aspiring entrepreneurial soon hit the nail, too many items on her savings has invested nearly 80 thousand yuan, it is hard for three years of income, not earn money not to say, the family allowed her to put in money.

so sleepwalk after half a year, Xiao Zheng a breakdown, he has invested 80 thousand yuan of money, can only earn 5000 yuan, this is the results of two people. Calm down, Xiao Zheng began to find the cause of the failure, and found himself is the one who want to do well, which did not do a good job. She cut the fabric, cold drinks and other minor distribution business, specializing in garment processing and cleaning materials.

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