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Entrepreneurs how to manage the six Golden Rule

entrepreneurship is not easy, if you want to make your entrepreneurial path is not so difficult, you have to know some of the skills of the management team. You know, entrepreneurship can not be a person’s thing, but a group of people in an entrepreneurial project services and hard work, we put this group of people who strive for a goal called the team. As an entrepreneur, how to manage the team? Recommended for you the six Golden rule.

1, a clear architecture

2, clear target

3, no power, no responsibility

4, visual

team, the biggest problem is: you can not see the problem. Even if the team is small, it is necessary to create a visual tool and a combination of processes. So that your team has enough scalability. Based on   wiki  documentation and reporting allows everyone to view the status of the project at a glance.

visualization also means "asymmetric information". All of the above tools and processes ensure that team members understand what is new in the project at the lowest cost". Ensure fast and accurate response.

5, flat

6, segmentation, and appropriate intermediate results

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