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Dry pot ten franchise brand recommended


project has been selected as the restaurant investors is a very troublesome problem, of course, I hope a lot of food and beverage brands for their comparison with Xiaobian recommend a variety of well-known brands to you before the restaurant to join the project, today alone dry pot this brand to do simple brand recommendation.

dry pot, Kawana Nouchi, originated in Sichuan, Mianyang, belongs to the North Sichuan dish, spicy and delicious taste. Has now moved to the country, but also the formation of a large number of joining the brand, the following small series to give you a brief introduction of the current market is relatively well-known brand of dry pot.

dry pot ten joined the brand recommended

incense pour fairy pot

Xiang Xian fell by 2 8 kg dry pot roast fish about two fresh grass carp freshly roasted, baked into the special container, and then poured down the Secret Fairy incense fried soup, simmer the fish flavor, and then continue to serve fire insulation.

Xiang Xian pour dry pot with fresh beef cow calf tick tendons meat, meat hammer with special hand hammer with minced meat, egg white and refined flavor in the same direction of stirring up minced meat. This made Rice-meat dumplings delicate, tender taste, chewy chewy; it can be realized that without a good beef do good product taste so of


Xiang Xian pour dry pot spicy fish with about 3 pounds of fresh pieces of grass carp after the slaughter of adding seasonings, pickled egg white starch while blasting pot boiled fish soup with fish, then add three kinds of fish special secret sauce, put the fish into the bottom of the slip cooked tasty bean container, then fried with spices Chili oil the amount of pepper, pepper, pour in the fish can.

spicy Fang Chongqing Xingan pot duck

authentic restaurant (Beijing) franchise headquarters launched a grand 2007-2008 the hot investment money project – Qingdao Chongqing, Chongqing Xingan Xingan pot spicy duck pot spicy duck, Chongqing duck, Chongqing hot pot dry dry pot spicy duck joined, Oriental Dragon dry pot spicy duck, Dalian duck, a hot pot of Bayu dry goods Chongqing wok pot duck, dry pot spicy duck franchise Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck authentic characteristic "spicy" flavor snacks, the meat is tender and elastic, with nearly 20 kinds of rare Chinese traditional medicine carey prepared, after using red pepper, pepper, star anise and other dozens of natural spices cooked dishes, and then cut in two pieces in the mouth, automatic removal of delicious meat. Dry pot spicy duck, originated in the late Qing Dynasty, after generations of improved form Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck, Chongqing duck, Oriental Dragon dry pot spicy dry pot spicy duck, Dalian Bayu dry pot spicy duck, duck and other products of Chongqing wok pan faction. Unique fragrance.

"Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck" is a series of sichuan. Spicy young and old, go wet

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