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Can the Royal tribute tea jiamengfei

drinks shop to join the brand can be selected royal tribute tea brand, which is a very good brand of investment, then the Royal tribute tea investment need how much money? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

royal tribute tea fee:

Royal but the domestic beverage industry in recent years the rapid development of the beverage brand project, the beginning of the establishment of adhering to the principle of the supremacy of quality for each product excellence, in order to make friends like tea, can enjoy high tea drinks, can enjoy from around the carey chosen good tea at any time.

can be divided into the Royal tribute tea shop, business standard stores, flagship store three kinds of single mode of cooperation, different levels, there are certain restrictions on the franchisee. How much can you join the franchise shop 19800 yuan, standard store 29800 yuan, flagship store of $39800. You can choose according to their actual situation and needs of the corresponding store type.

China’s food and beverage market, many of the items, but the real authentic tribute tea brand handful, royal tribute tea is one of the authentic brand. Can the Royal tribute tea headquarters adhere to high-quality raw materials do tribute tea principle, uphold the highest standards to the customer first, we choose tea and tea raw materials, a tiny bit are not sloppy, because we put consumers as God sees.

is committed to the promotion of the Royal tribute tea of high quality tea, long-term use of first-class tea as raw materials, selection of tea raw materials more senior tea as the first choice, will not be in order to reduce the cost at the expense of quality; in addition, the water quality is even the most stringent requirements, the introduction of professional water treatment equipment, to water quality make better purification of tea.

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