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Good holiday shop terminal display what are the steps

a variety of sections of Japan is a hot time shop sales, however, due to the fierce competition now, therefore, if you want to do a good job in the sales of the shop, naturally also need to do a good holiday terminal display. During the Spring Festival is the peak season for cigarettes. In addition to the traditional ribbon, lanterns decorated stores, good creative display is also particularly important. The author believes that in the festival terminal display, you can use the four step display.

is to create a festive atmosphere, the use of tone stimulation. In cigarette terminal display, cigarette packaging color can be used to highlight the festive atmosphere. If the visual display lost not only do things carelessly, a concern, more likely to be a business opportunity.

two is the highlight of the planning, the use of regional focus method. According to the theory of the center position, the best-selling brand display or display focus on the consumer visual law of the central area, such as the height of 1.6 meters, the visual plane of 45 degrees, this area is generally the focus area".

three is the search center location, the use of classification display. In a prominent position, according to a certain law of the cigarette arrangement and combination, for example, in accordance with the cigarette brand, factory, price, etc., to facilitate consumer search.

four is to strengthen the scene design, using a combination of collocation. In the brand display and display design focus on mix and match, which is like a person’s facial features alone is not necessarily beautiful, but they are combined together, there may be endless charm.

display work done in place, which will have a very important influence on the operation of the store. So, if you want to successy run a shop, you need to put more energy in the terminal display, especially holiday time. So, with the introduction of the above small series, if you are a shopkeeper, you know how to do a good job related to the show?