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Remember the old low halogen products stewed soup all over the family from generation to generatio

halogen products are very common in our lives, and there is nothing strange place, but have you ever seen a soup sauce shop? Remember the old cheap sauce with fresh delicious for family health product positioning, without any additives, are now sold, and the exclusive custom diamond health pot cooking delicious sauce stewed soup can launch the first national sauce products throughout the country by the majority of consumers and the community of praise.

Lo is fastidious "soup delicious soup is old", the longer the better, more beautiful and better taste. Remember the old cheap sauce family, Tom inherits hundred years, handed down fragrance, and can keep the winter cold, summer does not rot, four bright. Lao Lian Kee sauce halogen family is more convenient to eat, and the price is not expensive, not only by everyone’s favorite food, but also a good investment projects.

small investment on the choice of the old low down lo, delicious variety, the franchise is also very simple, is the best choice to get rich entrepreneurs. The area of 5-20 square meters, 1-2, in addition to training fees, renovation costs 2000 yuan; a hundred years old Lo stores only million yuan investment, the general opening month to recover the investment and profit.

old low halogen sauce family note is the first to do now is to sell, without adding green food brand, it will also Zuzhuanmifang and modern technology combine together to perfect, the "fat – tender" technology processed ingredients, can go greasy stay at the maximum guarantee of nutrient elements no loss. In addition, the old record low of Chinese herbal medicine production process with halogen sauce food in the family is still in effect, the product has the beauty, healthy diet nourishing, truly leading restaurant".

hundred years of classic cuisine is the old Lian Kee sauce halogen, if you want to join the food and beverage project, please leave a message in our website, we will see the message after the first reply to you.