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Tea cost Ba porphyrin

for tea, or investment funds many investors are on the interest of tea brand Ba porphyrin all investors are most interested in, then the tea Ba porphyrin investment about how much money? This tea to join it? YISHION is the Handmade Ba porphyrin tea tea, there are also a variety of desserts collocation, attract many consumers to buy in the market also have deep. So, what is the fee Ba porphyrin tea? Here is the latest detailed cost 2017.

tea cost:

Ba porphyrin


Ba porphyrin tea

1. technical support:

Tea Research Center headquarters Ba porphyrin powerful new listing support, allowing you to store product update, letting customers away, business has.

2. regional security support:

tea headquarters to strictly control the Ba porphyrin area to ensure the interests of franchisees, as specified in the contract area development second.

3. marketing planning support:

brand center’s top planning team to provide you with holiday business promotion planning support, store sales promotion is more popular.

4. decoration guidance support:

Complete identification of CD

tea brand image for the Ba porphyrin headquarters franchisee, you can get the shop terminal decoration standard floor finish.

if you want to change the status quo, then this is the venture investment Ba porphyrin tea, your best business, the headquarters will help you throughout, let you worry free business. If you want to join, then quickly leave a message below the site, our staff will provide you with more preferential policies for your reference.

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