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The restaurant of the books on the shelf is really

or itself is a cultural atmosphere is very strong restaurant, also perhaps is that space will appear out of the restaurant was monotonous, in short, now many restaurants will have a shelf, and on a bookshelf in neat books. So, is the book on the dining room shelf real?

did you find that many restaurants in the city now have shelves and books?. However, the author found that the vast majority of food and beverage stores books are false: either empty shell, or a bubble plate paste the cover of the book.

books as decorations, in order to improve the environment of style, and why is it that "quite different"?

hotel holiday book universal, pure decorative

Yangtze River Road, a hotel, the hotel decoration is not good, the walls of the wall hung a lot of foreign masters paintings. A huge bookcase on the two floor of the stairs, the top of the book of dangdang. Pick up a copy of "Carnegie: human weakness", did not expect to be an empty shell.

in the restaurant, each package is opposite the shelves, random read, the situation is the same. "No one, no one asked why there is no real." Restaurant Waiter smiled.

in the south of the Yellow River, a restaurant, the shelves are placed in the vicinity of the table, the reporter readily took a book, it was a bubble plate paste the book cover. "We just finished decorating, the bookshelf is a new addition." Restaurant official said.

then rushed to Taishan Road, Mount Huangshan Road, Shennong City restaurant, the situation is almost exactly the same: either there is no bookshelf, or are fake". In some restaurants, some fake books have even cracked, leaking flaws".

"we are all so engaged, purely decorative, not so much to consider," the restaurant responsible person said, "a book at least dozens of pieces, which have so much money?"

in fact, more than a large flow of people in the restaurant, in many of the main slow fashion, leisure life, cafes, living museum, there are a lot of fake books".

should promote the society together to do culture

, a restaurant to prove that the guests have a taste of the guests, naturally, the environment must first have a taste, brand effect can be done." A small public dining Liu said, books, porcelain, musical instruments and other decorations are used, false books, it is not appropriate."

ZT friends circle sponsors Chen Jing encountered above often in daily life. "The store if the real book, to help.

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