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Ordinary black wolfberry seeds into a space seed Qinghai black wolfberry successfully carried out sc

5 12, the Provincial Institute of forestry, forestry, wolfberry research laboratory received a precious seed – successfully carried on the practice of the number ten scientific experimental satellite of Qinghai black fruit wolfberry seeds.

is also known as the space breeding and space breeding, space breeding, mutagenesis refers to the use of space environment reentry spacecraft and high-altitude balloons etc. can reach to plants to produce useful variation in the breeding ground of new germplasm, new materials, new crop breeding techniques to cultivate new varieties, so that ordinary seeds become space seed. The mutagenesis using satellite and spaceship spacecraft will plant seeds into space, using the unique environment in space, such as the mutagenic effect of cosmic rays, microgravity, high vacuum, weak magnetic field and other factors on plants produce a variety of gene mutation, then return to the breeding ground of new varieties, new materials, new varieties of plants.

it is reported that the practice of "ten" returns scientific experiment satellite on April 5th Qinghai Qaidam black fruit Chinese wolfberry seed (No. HGQ15-01) in the capsule, April 6th at 1:38 in the Chinese Jiuquan satellite launch center in the Long March two rocket launch, after 12 days in orbit, at 16:30 on April 18th in a predetermined region of recovery the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Siziwangqi. Return to the cabin 16:45 on April 19th to fortune Chinese Research Institute of space technology.

According to the research group of Chinese wolfberry breeding

fan brilliant researcher, commonly known as "black fruit wolfberry, black fruit Chinese wolfberry seeds just walked the first steps of space breeding, it is not a" big change "," high "," high quality ", the breeding of the most arduous and important work needs in the field experiment in the ground. Fan Guanghui said, the research group will go to seedling cultivation, cultivation test and superior selection of the batch of seeds, through the investigation on the genetic characters of population analysis and comprehensive evaluation of fine plant agronomic and economic traits, from new varieties breeding of Lycium ruthenicum ideal.


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