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Qing 71 promoting party building innovation and development

"71" on the eve of the District Bureau of Justice Party branch organized political and administrative party members and cadres to join the party activists to celebrate the party’s birthday forum activities. In June 29th, combining with the development of the learning party organization construction and "police officers" of the core values of education activities, to further practice the "loyalty, for the people, justice and honesty" core values of police officers and men as the theme, to celebrate "71", promoting party building, innovation and development activities. Party members to discuss how to better carry out the "legal" seven, promote the construction of the rule of law culture; effectively play the people’s Mediation "first line of defense", to provide legal services timely and convenient for the masses; continue to reduce the threshold of legal aid, to expand the coverage of legal aid; actively carry out resettlement work, the implementation of the employment guidance, emancipist training, social security and other policies; strengthen the community correction exploration team construction, classification management, individualized instruction, focus on helping the correction method etc..
forum from the train and bring up a strong spirit of the pursuit of Ideological and political, judicial and administrative team, good conduct of noble occupation, Party members and cadres to promote self-development and self-improvement, establish the correct values, in an efficient, convenient and high-quality service concept that all.


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