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The most warm and most powerful helping hand Xining City District to help enterprises steady gro

came to Xining City, when the curtain wall company, is at noon, Ma Jianming, general manager of the company is still running business". More than half an hour later, the horse always rushed back, his face sweat, panting to us, said: just signed a two million ‘big orders’. Enterprises are now bigger and bigger, last year’s annual output value of more than 4000 yuan, this year’s output value will exceed 120 million yuan, is expected to double next year. Now our products have opened the door to Gansu, Xinjiang, the next step we will enter Xi’an and other places." Ma Jianming’s face was filled with joy when he said it.

then, Ma Jianming took us to visit the workshop side sighed and said: "the first half of 600 thousand yuan reward funds to support the Ministry of science and technology, the second half of the year and labor-intensive enterprises 50% discount loans 2 million yuan. In addition, the report of the new development of energy-efficient HY sealed open door project funds have been publicized. This month, we feel the most is the government face to face, heart, honest to our help."

In the words of Ma Jianming

, his career is central "fertile land" and "land". In fact, not only is a Hong Ying curtain wall enterprises, New Garden Tree Garden Hotel, growing small and micro liquidity to solve Mingjia furniture, Hoh Xil food rich connotation, the tourism industry of the sun new energy new line is under construction…… For months, in thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment "activities of the wind blowing, the city of Xining City District Small and micro businesses, fast development of human resources.

attaches importance to the development of a platform for the development of

city district is located in the core area of Xining traffic, economy, culture, trade, the third industry is a major feature of the region. In the first half of this year, the region’s GDP 5 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 17.6%.

since August 1st this year, the province’s "help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment since the event started, in accordance with the spirit and requirements of the provincial, city, city district government held a mobilization meeting in a timely manner, set up the city district helping Small and micro businesses development work leading group, issued a" City District to carry out the "help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment" implementation plan ". Carefully study the various measures to help, and one by one to break down the task, the implementation of responsibility. At the same time, the establishment of the park, finance, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry production, three of the five working groups, require departments to actively work to help, and from the property of their respective departments to deploy the 100 cadres to enrich the working group, and provincial and Municipal Working Group, formed a "helping three linkage".

these days, all enterprises within the jurisdiction of the district have received a fine print service manuals, brochures from the national, provincial and municipal policies to the central development goals, helping measures are at a glance. To make policy propaganda full coverage, basic work of propaganda in the previous stage, economic and business bureau published relevant policies and measures helping more than 2000 copies of brochures, issued to all enterprises within the jurisdiction of the free. "We average each;

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