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Xining city to create three districts and counties units departments activities

to carry out the "no major mass incidents, no major non normal petition events, no major security incidents" to create activities, efforts to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems, social stability in March 30th, the county city a large-scale promotional activities carried out in the street.

according to the Municipal Committee of the person in charge, through the "three counties, units (departments) to create activities to further strengthen efforts to resolve social conflicts and disputes, and eliminate the unstable factors of disharmony, major mass incidents happen to prevent serious harm social stability. By strengthening the mass petition work, interests of the masses demands unimpeded channels, so that the legitimate aspirations of the masses to solve the petition, total control, repeated letters and visits decreased gradually, to prevent the province went to Beijing and other major petition events; to further improve the social security prevention and control system, effective regulation of outstanding security problems and security areas, severe blow serious crimes, the innovation of social service management, to prevent the harm social stability of the major public security incidents of public safety and effect. To create activities from now until the end of this year, the municipal Party committee and government at all levels and the member units to strictly implement the responsibility to promote the "green Xining" continued to carry out the construction, efforts to promote stability work by the state of emergency to normal construction, efforts to promote the all-round progress of the political and legal work, to ensure social harmony and stability, long period of stability.


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