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24 billion 300 million real estate investment to enhance the quality of housing

in 2014 the city’s real estate development and construction investment will reach 24 billion 300 million yuan, the development and construction of more than about 15000000 square meters. With the end of last year, a number of well-known real green, the sea bright, Wanda real estate development company and project settled and expansion, quality has become a feature of this year’s real estate development is more obvious, this reporter recently from the city property management department learned.

in addition to the Shangri-La commercial complex, Xining New Hualian Plaza, wells Lane Central Business District, a New Millennium International Plaza, a number of construction projects carried forward, this year the city will start the construction of family plots, the provincial radio and Television Bureau Wanda Plaza, Hailiang daduhui more than 40 construction projects, of which, such as sun Heng Salzburg, wells Xiang business district and a number of high-quality projects this year will be the construction of real estate development highlights, and for the majority of the people of Xining to bring high-quality living environment. Currently Wanda Plaza, most of the construction projects have been started construction.

it is understood, comprehensively improve the quality of housing construction is the city this year in real estate development and construction of an important part of the city will further promote the development of real estate projects and residential properties that star green building evaluation, industry management as the starting point, to promote the performance of residential work, promote the industrialization process of Xining real estate the residents of housing, from the "housing" to "quality livable" across, promote the city’s real estate development and construction level.


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