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Eastern two sessions fruitful closing

I learned from the East District, in January 31st, the East District, two sessions victory closed. Yang Fengjie was elected director of the Standing Committee of the Seventeenth National People’s Congress in Chengdong district; Yang Jihong was elected vice chairman of the eighth CPPCC National Committee of the East district.

it is understood that all the representatives and members during the meeting to political enthusiasm, earnestly fulfill the duties on behalf of members, careful consideration of the report, focus on the region’s overall work, put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions, reflecting the large number of Representatives and members of high political responsibility and good spirit. After the meeting, the deputies and members have said that closer ties with the masses, understand the people and reflect public opinion, give full play to the role of deputies and CPPCC members, forge ahead, work hard, and contribute to creating a new situation in the eastern development.


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