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Part of the four pests exceed the standard density

"at present, the vast majority of the city’s food and beverage, food processing and other key units of the rats, flies and dust" three "facilities are not perfect or not use common rat trace, cockroach rebound serious, mosquito breeding ground cleaning is not in place." In April 22nd, the reporter learned from the city Wei Ying seized the review meeting, the establishment, part of the "four pests" density seriously exceed the standard, review of vector control welcomeexamines difficulty is not optimistic.

why I "four pests" density will be a stirring among the dry bones? Love health office of the relevant person in charge of that there are five main reasons: one is to understand the importance part of the vector control, which leads to the existence problem of rodenticide deratization in the spring do things carelessly, delivery is not standardized, not in place; two is the vector control propaganda work is not in place, public awareness is not high, the weak participation consciousness; three is the relevant departments to work between each buck, buck passing phenomenon is serious, can not perform due diligence industry in addition to the "four pests" responsibilities; four is the free market of agricultural products and food, catering and other key industries owners in their respective interests, unwilling to invest in the "four pests" of the investment is in addition to the five; the four pests "supervision and law enforcement work is poor.

how to do a good job in the prevention and control of disease vectors, the smooth implementation of the national health city in May provincial review? City patriotic sanitation requirements in the city more than "four pests" propaganda and mobilization work, carry out the city’s key industries and key units of disease remediation activities focused on pest control work; the moving farmers market, food and beverage and food processing and other key industries to carry out the killing of uninterrupted cleaning activities as a fixed work system; to improve "three" construction, and carry out a centralized investigation and made perfect "three" facilities in the city in May, completely remove the rat trace. At the same time, the City Patriotic Sanitation for the increase in the "four pests" supervision and law enforcement, restart the system of strict penalties, to further promote the implementation of the work, in addition to the "four pests" and strive to vector control of a major breakthrough.

vice mayor Tong Wang attended the meeting and put forward specific requirements for the construction of the city to meet the inspection and quarantine review. (author: Sheng Nan)

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