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For your smooth travel weapon

with the Spring Festival approaching, Xining street traffic began to surge, which junctions, sections easily blocked? How to avoid congestion in urban areas quickly out? Yesterday, the evening news specifically to connect the four district traffic police, the 2015 Spring Festival during the Xining street traffic flow forecast analysis, to remind the majority of traffic participants in advance travel arrangements.
the area is to go to the train station, the airport traffic, near the Spring Festival, a large number of passengers will be the main stream of people, from the current peak, Dongguan Street, Bayi Road is congested sooner or later.

City District road congestion analysis of

this area belongs to the city center, according to the analysis, at 16:30 am to 19 PM, Grand Cross, Simon, Changjiang Road, Kunlun road and other locations of people traffic is large.

[police] weapon to avoid rush hour traffic, detour. Kunlun Road, Kunlun West to Simon, the Yangtze River Road to the West Street Road happens almost daily press phenomenon, its reason: one is the road capacity is saturated, the existing road conditions can not meet the daily increase of vehicle. Two is the building before the taxi Huade temporary parking, free on passengers by car phenomenon. The three bridge is a trade city bus bay in the bus station to the station, you need to cross three lanes, easy to cause the traffic jam, car. If you need to catch the train, plane: from the Nanshan Road to eleven bypass Simon, Grand Cross, also from South Street, North Main Street to bypass road 71.

Seongbuk road congestion analysis in the area relative to the other three district population is not so dense, so not only the congested roads and bridges in the 17 to 19 street is congested.

[] for the traffic police weapon Bridge Street rush hour traffic jams, traffic police: driver for patient access, near the road at the peak and Bridge Street, such as sea Lake Avenue, West 54 isobaric car is more serious.

West District road congestion in the area is the analysis of

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