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Chicken soup female entrepreneurs to share

women entrepreneurs to find the soul of chicken soup, of course, need to listen to the success of female entrepreneurs to share". There are many differences between men and women entrepreneurs, such as: what are the difficulties faced by women entrepreneurs? How can we achieve success? The day before, to share their business experience and experience from the 7 different areas of female entrepreneurs on behalf of hundreds of women.

The "building the dream with

Kunming Han ram folk handicrafts Limited Ren Lihua, after a difficult course of 16 years, the company from a small workshop only a dozen people, now developed into an area of more than 2 thousand square meters, the products are exported to Europe and other countries and medium-sized enterprises. Ren Lihua said that in the entrepreneurial process must pay attention to the protection of their own intellectual property rights and the promotion of the brand, because it allows companies to grow and go out.

I believe the above

share these "entrepreneurship" is very helpful, for many women entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business, of course, still need to consider the actual situation from the individual.



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