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n the future the postal network can be used to re submit the motor vehicle license plate

December 4th, the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps and postal branch signed police post cooperation service agreement, the two sides will rely on the Internet traffic safety service platform and postal information system, fully mobilize their resources, to provide convenience for the public service 12.

the cooperation of both sides to "Internet plus" thinking as a guide, make full use of the postal network, equipment, manpower and other resources, to build a police post convenient integrated service platform, the use of postal outlets throughout the urban and rural areas to carry out a one-stop service. Including the use of postal outlets accepting agency retroactive, renewal of motor vehicle license plate, vehicle license, vehicle inspection marks, driving license and other delivery service; accepting agency of motor vehicle driver’s license expires, the driver told the inspection of illegal information services; acceptance agency deal with traffic violations and fined pay business and required delivery service; agent accepts the masses in the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform for the vehicle business and required delivery services such as the four major categories of 12 items of business.

on the basis of cooperation for both sides to take the postal department set up at all levels of the vehicle management hall, stationed staff agency to carry out related business delivery work, and public security departments at all levels commissioned by the postal service outlets set up internet business acceptance window, the relevant business to carry out personal user registration and attorney agent. In the province’s postal outlets will be equipped with high shot instrument and other equipment, offering convenient vehicle business.


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