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Municipal authorities to improve the quality of cadres education practice

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the municipal organs to mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres job, job innovation, job accomplishment, to further strengthen the cadres business ability, improve the comprehensive quality, enhance the ability to serve the people as the goal, to enhance the six around the six six activities as the carrier, "educational practice full of sound and colour.

focus on training and education, improve the overall quality, to carry out seminars and focus on training activities. Organize grassroots party organizations and Party cadres to go out to focus on training, invited cadres and cadres of the Jinggangshan Provincial Institute of training experts to conduct special training. Around the construction of a learning party organization, enhance the cultural construction level, carry out the "xiadou book · agencies’ national reading activities, free distribution of" digital Xining "reading card, carry out the" learning star "," online reading "excellent readers award. Around the ideals and beliefs of education, enhance moral cultivation, to carry out the "Chinese dream" publicity and education activities. On the construction of service-oriented party organization, to enhance the level of service people, carry out the party volunteer service activities, serving more than 8690 party members under the authority of 80 unit residence community initiative to register service jobs unclaimed and undertake work, actively participate in community construction and service activities. Around the business to create a fine team of cadres, improve business ability, carry out the post training competition. The typical learning, enhance than learning to catch consciousness, carry out the selection of advanced tree typical activities, invited the National People’s satisfaction of the civil service, public prosecutors model, outstanding prosecutor’s Procuratorate deputy director Feng Sha, advanced workers in civil administration relief stations to persuade captain Lin Xun, "the most beautiful city of Xining city rural grass-roots cadres Association science work team vice captain Tian Ming and other 3 advanced models about their public service deeds.


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