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Eastern three rural villagers to send gifts

In January 26th 2015, Chengdong District Science and technology culture and health three countryside activities started in Lu Jia Zhuang village, the city of science and technology, culture, health and other departments to give support to the activities in the area, 15 villages, 12 community wide Village (neighborhood) people won the government sent to the door of the new year gift.

Technology: the area to area 15 villages every village allotment of practical scientific books 200; to small village and 9 community the allotment of 1 rod type portable audio equipment; 10 thousand reusable shopping bag, 10 thousand pieces of technology, 10 thousand small books of popular science propaganda New Year paintings manuals issued to the from all sides rushed to the scene of the village (neighborhood) to the village of 15 people; each allotted a technology environmental protection garbage truck. Culture: send, send books to the countryside in various forms, content rich and colorful, the launch ceremony of the day for the village (neighborhood) people sent a large theatrical performances; organization on the scene for the villagers calligrapher to write couplets on thousands of pieces. Health: the scene to the majority of the villagers issued the national health education program for pregnant and reproductive health and maternal and Child Health Handbook; free blood pressure measurement for the villagers. In addition, the district Communist Youth League, women’s federations, federations, industry and commerce, justice and other departments also came to the scene, face to face to provide advice and services to the majority of the villagers.  

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