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Datong north of the city to build a new socialist countryside construction archives work demonstrat

The summer breeze in the green fields of the earth slowly blowing, fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. In July, the national socialism new countryside construction archives work Demonstration County inspection group came to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in our province and Chengbei District of Xining City, to create a national socialist new countryside construction archives work demonstration county (District) approval activities.

3 days, acceptance group has depth to 14 villages and towns and agricultural units in Datong County and district north of the city to create a national new rural construction archives work demonstration county 5 aspects of 29 sub items for the acceptance of a comprehensive and detailed, after a comprehensive review, the formation of a consensus: leadership attention, and effective measures. The organization guarantee and financial support for activities to create. The archives department innovation activities to create Duocuobingju remarkable. Closely related to the agricultural sector, and comprehensively promote the creation of activities carried out in depth. Township (town) pay close attention to the implementation of the village, to ensure that the implementation of activities to implement. Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and the city of Xining to the north of the "new socialist rural construction archives demonstration county acceptance criteria" requirements, passed the acceptance. This marks the province’s new rural archives work has made new breakthroughs, to a new level.

"construction of new socialist countryside production development, affluent life, civilization, clean and tidy village, democratic management" as the overall goal, is a major strategic decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council made the overall and long-term, is a common task of the whole Party and society. The new rural construction archives shoulder the mission, a comprehensive and true record and reflect the historical process, archives, the flower of civilization, in the field of hope to open, revealing fragrance.

since the launching of the creation of the National Socialist New Countryside Construction Archives Work demonstration county (District) activities, Party committees and governments at all levels attach great importance to and included in the important schedule. Provincial Party committee leaders repeatedly listening to the reports, to create activities put forward specific requirements; the provincial government attaches great importance to set up by the provincial Party committee and provincial government leaders in charge of the leader, archives, civil affairs, agriculture and other departments responsible for human members of the province to create a leading group, responsible for the whole province to create the work of organizational leadership and supervision and coordination. Xining Datong County, north of the city has developed a "national socialist new rural construction archives work demonstration counties (districts) implementation plan". At the same time, set up the county (District), township (street) and village three level network archives, formed at every level, layers of implementation of a good situation, the county (District) government in order to ensure the creation of demonstration county (District) activities completed within the prescribed time limit, has invested more than 270 yuan of funds, for the new rural construction archives work, improve the file safe storage infrastructure, ensure demonstration counties (districts) to create activities in an orderly manner.

create demonstration county (District) is an arduous task, wide distribution, high standard of work, county (District) archives department to overcome reality time, fewer personnel, more difficult, and actively organize cadres and workers take Bureau (Hall) packet, stagnation support approach, deep into the town and village to carry out the archives guidance, do village archives work is in charge of the leadership, management and personnel files, file;

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