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2013 the longing for a better life to sail New Year’s message

new year, a new day. Last night, the new year’s bell rang for a long time; this morning, the sun shines on the earth, full of smiles. New year’s breath in the bud, the fragrance of spring in the ripple.

new year, by 2012, a year of hard work, a year of development, the sky and earth, wind with rain, sing sing, a road way, the way the sun, if the potential supremely, gorgeous.

this year, the province’s people with a high sense of political responsibility and a strong sense of historical mission, the study and implementation of the spirit of the party’s eighteen as the primary political task, elaborate organization, careful arrangements, study and implementation work gradually deepening. Standing at a new historical starting point, the twelve provincial Party Congress to develop the rich development of the provincial Party committee to explore the formation of the overall idea of scientific development, writing a new chapter in Qinghai, to create a new life.

this year, the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, the foot thick soil, rooted in the people, “always and the people sitting on a bench”. “Let people live a happier life with all the work as the starting point and end point, know the people, the people, warm people, cadres of the” hard index “to enhance the happiness index of people”. Words and deeds, a leaf, the interpretation of our party a simple and great faith – “people’s yearning for a better life, is our goal”.

this year, the province under the grim situation of the downward pressure on the economy, better and faster construction of national circular economy pilot area development, highlighting the characteristics of creative advantage, progressive growth inverse, the province’s overall economic strength increased. Better and faster construction of ecological civilization in the first area, vigorously implement the strategy of Ecological Province, ecological civilization construction of new steps. Better and faster construction of national unity and progress demonstration area, people’s livelihood undertakings in full progress, the overall situation of the community remained stable, Yushu, the basic task of reconstruction after the completion of the task, the people of all ethnic groups to further enhance the sense of happiness.

this year, the province’s people firmly establish the confidence of Qinghai open innovation consciousness, carry forward the “one of my ten” spirit of hard work and love, the ultimate challenge, concentric, firm and indomitable Thanksgiving Endeavour “Yushu spirit of earthquake relief, which condensed the new Qinghai spirit shows a strong power, and the” five special “spirit of the Tibetan Plateau is a constantly changing to promote the scientific development of the inexhaustible strength, inspired countless people filled with love at the source of the snow covered plateau, Sanjiang, built a home and a spiritual circle, a spiritual side and put up a banner.

fine, no matter how sad, has 2012 history books.

New Year’s first ray of sunshine in the face of hard work, warm in your face, wrote the most beautiful poem –

2013, Qinghai – “The students surpass the teacher. master, and across all rivers run into sea” — to their desire for a happy life, set sail!

in new Qinghai in the spring, full of vitality, full of tension, full of vigor and vitality, full of youthful spirit. By;

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