Chongqing to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

in many areas of life are strongly advocated the development of science and technology, but in the development of science and technology, only the better use of science and technology, will make technology has become practical significance. To implement the spirit of the nine plenary session of the four national and municipal deployment requirements, to further deepen the reform of science and technology, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer in December 8th, mayor Huang Qifan chaired the municipal government 150th executive meeting passed "Chongqing to promote scientific and technological achievements transformation plan".

"program" to focus on the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation in the information service, in the pilot ripening and industrialization vector, respectively from the improvement of science and technology information service platform, the construction of scientific and technological achievements in curing carrier, the construction of scientific and technological achievements industrialization base three aspects put forward to build Chongqing city science and technology services, the implementation of the cloud platform a space for the construction of special operations and a number of specific measures to build the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation platform. read more

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How about the wisdom of the cloud 101 teaching system

now, with the development of globalization and the Internet, modern people have broken the traditional teaching mode, the Internet is to help teachers and students in the real environment to help people interact effectively. Today, the development momentum of 101 wisdom cloud teaching system is very good, won the hearts of consumers and entrepreneurs.

101 distance education to join

2016 in April 10th, Chongzhou City Bureau of education led by Chongqing middle school experimental school, Chongzhou middle school and Shu River source city high school school principals and teachers, participated in the ninth primary and secondary school education and classroom practice wisdom turnover seminar 101 Distance Education Education Institute, Hunan Province jointly organized the "middle school". read more

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Hairdressing stores to how good the whole showmanship

beauty is a woman of great concern, make their appearance more beautiful is the desire of every woman, now a lot of women to make themselves more beautiful, love often do hair, it can not drive the development of the market, many entrepreneurs choose to open a salon franchise, want to do business, to attract more the guests. Hairdressing stores to see the following detailed analysis of showmanship?.

new hair salon franchise is not high, no word of mouth and evaluation, many consumers will not dare to come in, so that the business is not good. Want to do hairdressing store business, showmanship is very important. Want to let customers see the hair salon and interested in it, then, a good decoration has become necessary.

hair salon stores to consumers first impression, so in the store decoration should pay attention to. How to open a hair salon? If a hair salon looks shabby old, there is no attractive place, then, of course, consumers do not want to come in. So want to open a good hair salon, store decoration must be appropriate. read more

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Fulton manor investment integrated wall to make your home more fashion the whole

has been the decoration has been very hot. Successful entrepreneurship, choose to enter the home market, no doubt, is a very wise choice. How Fulton manor integrated wall? The best choice for health and environmental protection. Join the Fulton manor integrated wall project, what are you waiting for?

Fulton manor integrated wall provide private health space for each family, the formation of a new trend, we did to add a lot of brilliance, especially harmless, to avoid the threat our health harm. Join the Fulton manor integrated wall, will have a very bright future, one thing that is very easy to join, this project will have a good business, business is not what difficult.

Fulton manor integrated wall to make money?

Fulton manor integrated wall dismantled conveniently, want to stick to put where, to meet the modern fashion decoration needs fast. Fulton manor has numerous integrated wall styles let consumers to choose, can be very good to meet the needs of consumers. Join the Fulton manor integrated wall, you will succeed easily, have a wonderful life, so join in this project is a very good choice. read more

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Good holiday shop terminal display what are the steps

a variety of sections of Japan is a hot time shop sales, however, due to the fierce competition now, therefore, if you want to do a good job in the sales of the shop, naturally also need to do a good holiday terminal display. During the Spring Festival is the peak season for cigarettes. In addition to the traditional ribbon, lanterns decorated stores, good creative display is also particularly important. The author believes that in the festival terminal display, you can use the four step display.

is to create a festive atmosphere, the use of tone stimulation. In cigarette terminal display, cigarette packaging color can be used to highlight the festive atmosphere. If the visual display lost not only do things carelessly, a concern, more likely to be a business opportunity.

two is the highlight of the planning, the use of regional focus method. According to the theory of the center position, the best-selling brand display or display focus on the consumer visual law of the central area, such as the height of 1.6 meters, the visual plane of 45 degrees, this area is generally the focus area". read more

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How to choose the brand investment Home Furnishing Wallpaper

wallpaper industry is now a good development, more and more wallpaper brands appear in our lives, then invest in home wallpaper, then, how to choose a better brand? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

How to choose

home wallpaper brands to join investors to examine what aspects of today’s consumers are recognized by the big brands, how to choose the investment home wallpaper brand? Therefore, the visibility of the brand will be a major consideration when consumers choose to directly promote the results of consumer choice. Consumers in the time of purchase must first consider those who have been tested by the market brand, because such a brand through the test of the market and consumers repeated verification, more trustworthy. But it is also necessary to investigate the clear line! read more

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See the lush kebab brand advanced process

era in the development of social progress. Only know how to adapt to the changes of the times and change, whether it is biological or market or civilization, in order to leave their footprints in the history of time, you must know how to change. Take the food and beverage industry, the traditional food and beverage model has not been able to meet the needs of the people of the Internet age, in order to survive must be transformed. Brand in the choice of transformation or upgrade is actually a test team for the market to understand and judge the important time for the market to determine the current status and expectations must be determined location. At the same time, the need for a more consumer mentality of the selection process gradually invade the user’s choice, and eventually become synonymous with a category. read more

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How to open a good shop Adult supplies

adult world without the use of Adult supplies, this industry is also very good business, the market demand is very large, open Adult supplies stores, many in layman’s eyes, always covered with a layer of mystery. But in fact, this is a good business, an area of about 20 square meters of shops, a month stable earnings of $twenty thousand or thirty thousand. So what are the secrets of this business?

location: close to the residential area, the site is


how to open an adult store? Location is very important. The famous brand of spring CEO Lin Degang revealed that China influenced by traditional culture, Adult supplies store is not suitable to put up a pageantry opened in the commercial street or some obvious street front. The best location is the location of the community, but also to the store as the center, the radius of 1 kilometers of the number of residents in the vicinity of about ten thousand people. read more

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How to join the animation Pizza prospects

pizza has always been a very popular dish. In the food and beverage market, the choice of business to join the animation pizza project, is a very wise choice. How about cartoon pizza? Has a very high popularity, loved by consumers! So, how to join the animation pizza shop prospects?

first, the origin of pizza

pizza (Pizza), pizza, pizza, is a kind of food originated in Italy, popular in the world. The practice of pizza is covered with tomato sauce fermentation of pita, cheese and other ingredients, and the oven baked. Cheese usually mozzarella cheese, also with a mix of several kinds of cheese in the form.

a lot of people like to eat pizza, salty, sweet, fragrant integration, a variety of nutritional vegetables, meat, sea, milk collection together, people put it down. Some people think that pizza in Chinese, is said to be the great traveler Marco · to love to eat on the Baltic China, scallion pie. After returning home or obsession, wanted to eat scallion pie, please place the hope he cook method can help him to do as he says scallion pie, toss half chefs don’t really know how to fall into the surface inside, so I just went ahead on the surface above the trap, and also very creative that will put some local cheese, so you have this pizza. read more

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Our investment Brown sugar cake can be obtained which support

a lot of people in the catering industry investment began his entrepreneurial path to join form, so choose the reason of course is mainly because the franchise investment can provide a more solid foundation for your business, for novice entrepreneurship can also provide a lot of support and guarantee to join. Take cake Square to join, a lot of people are very optimistic about the Brown sugar cake cake this brand, because he can provide strong support for investors.

– Brown division from the United Kingdom, its sugar cake turned from three hundred years of court craft, called the cake in the art of nobility. Is Chinese high-end Fondant Cake Art brand, is a leading British Art Fondant Cake chain, with the famous British Sugar Brand Co operated, led the British engineers team, will be popular in the British aristocracy in Sugar Art of the perfect introduction to bring senior gift cake custom service most of the quality of the people, y embodies the the unique taste of consumers. read more

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