nspection of various types of food and beverage units more than 480 Xining has not yet found artifi

learned that, by December 18th, the city’s health supervision departments at all levels to check all types of catering units more than 480, has not yet found artificial eggs procurement and use.

according to the provincial food and Drug Administration in the province "on the catering service enterprises to carry out supervision and inspection of the" artificial egg "notice" requirements and the arrangement of the municipal government, the Municipal Health Bureau in December 16th to deploy the city catering industry "artificial egg" investigation, asked the city at all levels of health supervision departments quickly carry out the work of the special inventory increase. Food raw materials purchase inspection certificate and invoice and ledger registration system of supervision and inspection, to prevent the "artificial egg" to enter the city catering services link. Once found, timely investigation and timely reporting of the situation. Health supervision departments at all levels to carry out special inspections within the area. Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision requirements of the straight 18 large catering units to carry out self-examination. read more

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My heart the most beautiful park Photography Contest

this gorgeous riotous with colour, beautiful birds flying insects, fluttering intoxicating aroma, here is the public garden park, sometimes words cannot describe the beauty of a vivid image can make people more intuitive feel for their beauty. In this beautiful season, please pick up the camera, cell phone, leaving the park’s vivid and beautiful bar. At present, this joint Xining City Gardens Bureau, Qinghai province Photographers Association held my heart the most beautiful park photography contest has been carried out in hot. At the beginning of the establishment of the new
held in my mind the most beautiful park in the city park "photography contest requirements as the background, multi direction and multi view display of natural landscape and unique cultural connotations in the park, extensive collection of professional photographers and photography enthusiasts to capture Xining city park greening, ecological construction, natural landscape, historical changes of seasons all things, garden activities, wildlife parks, cultural life, leisure and entertainment scene to reflect and show the park development, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature photography. Works collection time from now to November 30th.
the contest received traditional camera works and digital photography, photography color, black and white pictures, submitted works quantity limitation, can also be a group. Participating photography works in JPG format, each size of 4M or more. Digital photography shall not use computer technology for synthesis, add, delete, change color and other technical treatment. The photo contest set up one or two and the top prize, and other awards, and excellent award of 30, the winners will be awarded the award and certificate issued by the organizers.
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Build educational infrastructure upgrade

In order to further improve the province’s various types of educational infrastructure conditions, last year, the provincial development and Reform Commission to arrange the province’s education infrastructure in the central and provincial special funds 939 million yuan, the implementation of the construction of the project of the nine category of 203. 2014, the Commission will build educational infrastructure upgrade, the central government has arranged 5 million yuan of special funds for the construction of continuing education and training building, Qinghai Radio and TV University.  

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Cemetery million per square meter to catch up

During the Ching Ming Festival, many people go to the cemetery in addition to worship, but also for their loved ones or their choice of a cemetery. However, in recent years, the cemetery prices soared, over 10000 yuan per square meter, a little more expensive, so that someone sent a "Qingming rain have, I want to ask the tomb price duanhun" sigh.Even

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Chase to create a new brand of civilized transportation

recently, Datong County, 2014 "quality service demonstration vehicle" and "top ten taxi Star Contest announced, 10 passenger vehicles and 10 outstanding taxi drivers won the" quality service demonstration talent shows itself, the car "and" 10 taxi star "award.

"taxi star" Yang Hongfei said happily: "in the future, I will not violate, civilized travel, do not throw a passenger, better service for everyone smile." At the same time, he represented the 10 taxi star driver, put forward the proposal to the county taxi driver: to advocate the "six civilized traffic behavior, abandon the" six traffic habits ", boycott" six dangerous driving behavior "," six standard management behavior".
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Fine management effectiveness performance evaluation performance

In order to regulate and strengthen the funds for modern agricultural production development and project management, establish and improve the incentive and restraint mechanism, to further improve capital efficiency, promote the fine management level, according to the Ministry of finance "central funds for modern agricultural production development performance evaluation method", modern agricultural production development project leading group in July 2012 -8 month on the city of Datong County Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, north of the city zone of performance appraisal

to regulate and strengthen the funds for modern agricultural production development and project management, establish and improve the incentive and restraint mechanism, to further improve capital efficiency, promote the fine management level, according to the Ministry of finance "central funds for modern agricultural production development performance evaluation method", province modern agricultural production development project leading group in July 2012 -8 months in our city Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, north of the city zone of performance appraisal. Evaluation group through field view of engineering and related information, check the financial expenditure, listen to the report on the project construction units, comprehensive evaluation method, the project organization and management, project investment, completion of construction funds allocation and use and the effect of the whole process for performance evaluation. Quantitative indicators of performance evaluation itemized scoring, Datong County, Huangzhong county was excellent, the north of the city is good, Huangyuan qualified. Provincial assessment team fully affirmed the city’s modern agricultural production development and construction work, a total reward of 19 million 660 thousand yuan of funds in my city. read more

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Entrepreneurship must have guts


is giving life to work, do not need to assume what risks, unknown is relatively small, has been waiting for rising wages, but if you want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, everything will be different, if no guts, no less likely to succeed!

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Part of the four pests exceed the standard density

"at present, the vast majority of the city’s food and beverage, food processing and other key units of the rats, flies and dust" three "facilities are not perfect or not use common rat trace, cockroach rebound serious, mosquito breeding ground cleaning is not in place." In April 22nd, the reporter learned from the city Wei Ying seized the review meeting, the establishment, part of the "four pests" density seriously exceed the standard, review of vector control welcomeexamines difficulty is not optimistic.

why I "four pests" density will be a stirring among the dry bones? Love health office of the relevant person in charge of that there are five main reasons: one is to understand the importance part of the vector control, which leads to the existence problem of rodenticide deratization in the spring do things carelessly, delivery is not standardized, not in place; two is the vector control propaganda work is not in place, public awareness is not high, the weak participation consciousness; three is the relevant departments to work between each buck, buck passing phenomenon is serious, can not perform due diligence industry in addition to the "four pests" responsibilities; four is the free market of agricultural products and food, catering and other key industries owners in their respective interests, unwilling to invest in the "four pests" of the investment is in addition to the five; the four pests "supervision and law enforcement work is poor. read more

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9 of the province’s real estate performance scored

Home to the music industry, the quality of housing is directly related to the well-being of the people. What kind of house is comfortable, safe and green? Today, according to the purchase of residential property buyers can determine the quality of housing to determine the quality of housing. In order to promote the province’s residential quality improvement, let the people live a good house, the provincial construction department in the province within the scope of the promotion of residential properties identified in our province this year, 13 projects in the review, of which 9 projects have been successfully passed the residential properties identified.

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Heavy old car scrapped subsidies introduced

in accordance with the relevant notification office, the Ministry of finance office, the Department of Transportation Office of the Ministry of Commerce, Provincial Department of Commerce issued a notice in April 23rd, clearly from January 1st to December 31st this year, sold to scrap car recycling business recovery tractor and heavy duty truck, each car allowance 18000 yuan; medium truck. Each car subsidies 13000 yuan.

I province are eligible for the old owners, should be from September 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016, to scrap vehicles of domicile city (prefecture) or county administrative department of Commerce, apply for subsidies and submit application materials. The competent department of Commerce responsible for whether the vehicle belongs to the scope of subsidies for audit application, the relevant application procedures are complete, true and effective, check the relevant information of the recycling of scrapped vehicles management information system, application, information input subsidies, comprehensive coordination, according to the total work. The local finance department is responsible for checking the subsidy information which is approved by the competent department of commerce.

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From Xining to 44 cities

into the summer, in order to facilitate travel and travel, Qinghai airlines and Airport Inc to coordinate the opening of a number of new routes encryption, has opened 57 routes, passengers can fly from Xining airport flew to the city of 44.

new encryption route



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Dongchuan ndustrial Park to build an annual output of 100 thousand tons of electrolytic copper proj

In order to become bigger and stronger new material industrial park, Dongchuan Industrial Park Administrative Committee of state-owned company, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Development Group Limited company reached an agreement with Qinghai thinking copper industry limited company, invested 300 million yuan to start the construction of an annual output of 100 thousand tons of electrolytic copper project plan completed in January next year, the year after production output value of 3 billion yuan.

for further support enterprises to seize opportunities to accelerate development and enhance the ability of enterprise expansion potential, cultivate new economic growth points, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, and promote the healthy development of park economy, according to the provincial and municipal government and the development zone "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Development Corporation Qinghai Copper Co., Ltd. and thinking company reached an agreement by the end of September this year to start the construction of an annual output of 100 thousand tons of electrolytic copper project. After the project is expected to put into operation, the output value can be realized 3 billion yuan, to achieve pre tax profit of $250 million, profits and taxes of $100 million. (author: read more

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Nearby residents to buy food to solve the problem to build the Nanshan Road Xiang Jianxin morning

recently, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, in order to solve the Nanshan Road and nearby residents to buy food difficult problem, Xining city and the relevant departments will be in the new city area Xiang Nanshan Road Construction market.

with the transformation of the past few years, more and more people choose to live in Nanshan Road, Nanshan Road and the surrounding residents to buy food is increasingly prominent problem. The South Beach office found the surrounding residents to buy food problems, choose to build morning in Nanshan Road vehicle less Xiang jianxin. At present, the relevant formalities are handled in the new market operation, subject to the relevant departments after approval. (author: Wu Yachun)

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Green investment to promote green development

6 months, the plateau green is strong, 2016 China · once a year; Qinghai green investment and trade fair to be opened.

open cooperation · green development "theme of the show is unchanged, this is always the pursuit of Qinghai; to show the media, attracting business selection should pay more attention to" green investment, promoting green development with "green business", to achieve a better quality, more sustainable development, which is to adhere to and the goal of Qinghai the.

investment is an important way to enlarge the scale of economy and enhance the ability of sustainable development. Through the Green Fair this platform, investors at home and abroad have entered Qinghai, Qinghai, the construction of Qinghai, technology, capital, management, personnel and other factors of production have to flow to Qinghai. read more

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4 teams in our province won the national honor

12 month 16 days, reporters from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the day before by the Ministry of industry and information technology, national quality inspection administration guidance, the site management rating activities and the national quality letter jointly sponsored by China Quality Association, China Federation of trade unions, the National Women’s Federation, China science and technology Association had the team experience exchange conference on the Guilin in Guangxi, the 4 line of the team of our province won the "national quality trustworthy team" honorary title.

It is reported that

, Qinghai bridge aluminum electrolytic aluminum Limited by Share Ltd the province branch of power machinery operating two workshop four class, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company of Xining Railway Passenger Dedicated Line Xining section of Lanzhou Xinjiang passenger dedicated line workshop work area, Qinghai Yi and repair installation limited company of electrical maintenance company of high-voltage motor class, the China Telecom Co Qinghai branch Haidong telecom network operation the maintenance department customer service support class 4 units of the front-line team won the "national quality trustworthy team" honorary title, winning units to accept on behalf of the pennant and certificate. read more

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How to deal with the ban on food and beverage industry in our city

Since November 1st, the catering industry management measures of the State Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "(Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") started the trial, the "measures" provisions, prohibited catering operators set minimum consumption, the maximum penalty 30 thousand yuan. This means that the entrance into the private room to achieve the minimum fee, or else go to the dining hall, which exists in the restaurant industry in the long term, the unspoken rules in the November 1st after it was stopped. So, in the face of the ban, the city’s food and beverage industry is not set minimum consumption? The minimum consumption of food and beverage industry can not be cured? In recent days, the reporter found that the city’s individual restaurants, hotels still have the lowest consumption. Many people can really implement this ban expressed concern. Visit: individual restaurant is still walking along with the improvement of the quality of life, people on the food and dining environment requirements are constantly improve, many restaurant facilities become more and more large, luxurious environment is set behind the threshold, in this regard, the reporter random unannounced visits to the city a number of high-end hotels, restaurants are found has canceled the minimum consumption, only individual restaurants are still under the minimum consumption of the edge ball. [phenomenon] the number of dining rooms to limit the number of reporters visited the restaurant market found that some restaurants, hotel rooms will limit the minimum number of meals. In this regard, a person in charge of a hotel in the city, the operating costs of the restaurant room is higher than the lobby, the lobby area on average each waiter three tables, but in a private room in a private room will be responsible for a waiter. Secondly, the rent rooms, lighting, sanitary equipment, electrical appliances are more than the hall hall, electricity, equipment costs are higher than the hall. During the interview, the restaurant operator, said: we have raised the minimum number of rooms to use restrictions, such as the minimum number of people in the original package for 6 people, after the number of people required to reach up to 8 to 10. There is a private room before the guests, first ask the number of people to come to dinner, and then give the arrangement, a small number of meals, generally do not give arrangements for private rooms. This is to avoid waste of resources." [two] the phenomenon of minimum consumption into packages according to Ms. Zhang reflect citizen, a restaurant in the near West District Meteorological lane, although there is no minimum consumption, but the guests who want to enjoy the rooms, the restaurant would need to provide the package (package high price), if you want a single point dishes will be subject to 150 yuan package fee. Although the restaurant will send some tea and snacks, but Ms. Zhang believes that tea and snacks is not worth 150 yuan, and Ms. Zhang believes that the behavior of the restaurant and the lowest consumption no difference. Subsequently, the reporter as a consumer to the restaurant, the restaurant staff told reporters that the room no minimum consumption, but consumers do not want to use private rooms, such as point package, you need to pay 150 yuan fee room. At the same time, the reporter also learned that many food and beverage operators on the introduction of the measures have their own views. "Of course, we want to make all the customers feel happy, comfortable, but sometimes it will inevitably encounter a small number of unreasonable consumers." A tea restaurant owner said: two days ago, there are only three customers, only a cup of drinks, but in the store to talk about closing, operating costs have been rising, if the conditions to meet customers,; read more

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Huangzhong held the first photography contest

photography to enhance the quality of tourism, promoting tourism image publicity, Huangzhong county held 2013 China Qinghai · beautiful Huangzhong "China Mobile Cup" first photography contest ", and in October 11th, organized provincial photographers dozens of photographers in-depth rural mountain folk songs.

in order to better promote the Huangzhong county is rich in culture, tourism, natural resources, economic and social development as well as places of historic interest and scenic beauty, namely the use of the unique language of photography, recording the history of the development of Huangzhong, showing the development of Huangzhong achievements, build Huangzhong cultural tourism brand, sponsored by the Huangzhong County People’s government, Huangzhong county Party Committee Propaganda Department, China Mobile Communications Group Qinghai Ltd. and other units, the 2013 "Qinghai province Photographers Association guidance Chinese Qinghai · beautiful Huangzhong" China Mobile Cup "first photography contest" will be ending in October 20th. (author: son b) read more

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City Health Bureau to further increase the overall prevention and control of hand foot and mouth dis

According to

, the network monitoring of infectious diseases in Xining area were monitored by the end of May 22, 2011, 54 cases of HFMD, no severe and death cases; 18 cases monitored in April, reported incidence rate of 0.83/10 million, and in March (6 cases) compared to an increase of 196.43%, compared with April last year (244 Cases) compared to a decrease of 92.63%; the majority of the patients in the city area, north area, accounting for 66.67% of the total incidence; the incidence in the nursery children and scattered children, accounted for 94.44%; the incidence of HFMD in Xining area has increased, the incidence in preschools, scattered among children, the incidence is higher than that of rural area.  
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For your smooth travel weapon

with the Spring Festival approaching, Xining street traffic began to surge, which junctions, sections easily blocked? How to avoid congestion in urban areas quickly out? Yesterday, the evening news specifically to connect the four district traffic police, the 2015 Spring Festival during the Xining street traffic flow forecast analysis, to remind the majority of traffic participants in advance travel arrangements.
the area is to go to the train station, the airport traffic, near the Spring Festival, a large number of passengers will be the main stream of people, from the current peak, Dongguan Street, Bayi Road is congested sooner or later.

City District road congestion analysis of

this area belongs to the city center, according to the analysis, at 16:30 am to 19 PM, Grand Cross, Simon, Changjiang Road, Kunlun road and other locations of people traffic is large.

[police] weapon to avoid rush hour traffic, detour. Kunlun Road, Kunlun West to Simon, the Yangtze River Road to the West Street Road happens almost daily press phenomenon, its reason: one is the road capacity is saturated, the existing road conditions can not meet the daily increase of vehicle. Two is the building before the taxi Huade temporary parking, free on passengers by car phenomenon. The three bridge is a trade city bus bay in the bus station to the station, you need to cross three lanes, easy to cause the traffic jam, car. If you need to catch the train, plane: from the Nanshan Road to eleven bypass Simon, Grand Cross, also from South Street, North Main Street to bypass road 71.

Seongbuk road congestion analysis in the area relative to the other three district population is not so dense, so not only the congested roads and bridges in the 17 to 19 street is congested.

[] for the traffic police weapon Bridge Street rush hour traffic jams, traffic police: driver for patient access, near the road at the peak and Bridge Street, such as sea Lake Avenue, West 54 isobaric car is more serious.

West District road congestion in the area is the analysis of
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