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Booking is later, but there are no indications of a worse season in Dalmatia

first_imgAccording to the first man of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Joška Stelle, big problems with booking were visible at the fair in Munich, they were the same after the fair in Berlin, but to a much lesser extent, and the current situation is that we do not have significant problems with booking. “It is not like in previous years, but all the major players, all the major hoteliers are very satisfied. We therefore expect above-average growth in the pre-season and post-season and minimal growth in the heart of the season”. More precisely, according to the president of the Group of boat accommodation providers – charter ŽK Split, Sare Douzzan Zupanovic, charter records an increased number of vessels compared to last year with identical booking and significantly lower prices, which is generally the trend of the last few years So this year, SDŽ has 10.000 more beds in private accommodation in the Split-Dalmatia County than last year.  Since the announcements for the season are good, and the growth is expected by neighboring competing countries, the season will show how much we are able to stand out in the sea and attract guests, how much corrections are needed and prices and quality, and how much Croatian tourism can ultimately benefit in the long run at the expense of raising the quality of service and not exclusively increasing capacity. What is the current state of booking in emitting markets and what kind of tourist season awaits us were the central questions of the session of the Professional Group of Hoteliers of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Split County Chamber, held on 16 May. “Despite all the turmoil and stories that the season will not be successful, in Split-Dalmatia County we are recording significant growth. In Split, we even have an increased number of arrivals from the British market despite the situation with Brexit”, Said the president of the Professional group of hoteliers ŽK Split, Tony Filipeti. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia to the Republic of Turkey from Ankara informed about the forecasts for the season in competitive Turkey, Hrvoje Cvitanovic. Turkey generated $ 29,5 billion in tourism revenue last year and had a growth in tourist arrivals of almost 22% compared to 2017. They expect the same success this year with double-digit growth again, with an emphasis on Russian and German market. Only representatives of charters and hostels pointed out the weaker booking. Sasa Popovac from the Croatian National Tourist Board in Zagreb presented optimistic data – there was an increase of 11% in arrivals and 9,5% in overnight stays from most emitting markets. He also emphasized that 81 new airlines for the Republic of Croatia were introduced this year during the season.center_img In the first four months of this year, the Split-Dalmatia County had 21% more arrivals and 19% more overnight stays compared to last year. However, 60% of arrivals and overnight stays on an annual basis are realized in July and August, and if June and September are added to them, in those four months more than 80% of overnight stays and arrivals are realized throughout the year. Problems with booking at all major fairs ahead of this season have led to more cautious predictions for the season. “After excellent tourist results and double-digit growth in the first four months, our goal is to give a cross-section of the state of booking in emitting markets, to see where we are and what awaits us in the main season. In order to get a more complete picture of the situation in neighboring countries, we have provided direct reports from the CNTB in Zagreb, from Budva and from the Croatian Embassy in Turkey.”, Announced at the beginning of the session the President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Split County Chamber, Joze Tomaš. In neighboring Montenegro, where tourism is a strategic industry with a share of almost 30% in GDP, the pre-season, despite bad weather, was very good, with 23% more overnight stays than last year, announcements for the season are also good and expected continuation of the growth trend, announced from Budva the President of the Board of the Association of Tourism and Hospitality of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Dragan Purko Ivančević.  Turkey expects double-digit growth to continue this year In the Split-Dalmatia County, private, family accommodation participates with more than 70% in accommodation capacities, and is constantly growing. President of the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce,  Martina Nimac Kalcina, believes that despite the increase in capacity, private renters who work well, have excellent locations and capacities and good marketing should have no problems.  Tourists today have a large number of accommodation facilities and countries on the tourist scene, there is the return of Greece and Turkey, as well as the trend of last minute booking, which all led to a change in guest behavior, but that does not mean we will have a worse season is just a later booking, Stella believes. last_img

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