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UPass changes benefit Hamilton campus students

It will be easier for students at Brock’s Hamilton campus to get around on public transit, starting later this summer.Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) announced at its annual general meeting recently that students attending the Hamilton campus will be able to use the U-Pass bus pass, paid for in annual students’ union fees, on Hamilton buses.At the meeting, Christopher Yendt, BUSU’s vice-president of finance, said the change, which takes effect in August, will put the campus on at least five different Hamilton bus routes.Until now, the U-Pass has only been good on St. Catharines Transit. Hamilton students have had to go through the process of opting out of the U-Pass and putting that money toward Hamilton bus tickets instead.“This transit update is just one more notch in trying to make the Hamilton campus more accessible for students,” Yendt said. “Some of the students that go to (Brock’s) satellite campus will have never stepped foot in the main St. Catharines campus. We need to remember that every campus represents Brock University and subsequently everything the University stands for.”

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